Click "Yeah You Are!" to vote for Obama, and "No Way!" to vote for Rommey. Let's see who wins this! amirite?

Nate Ruess.

You have been effected in one or more ways in you life by cancer, amirite?

My paternal grandma, paternal grandfather, maternal grandma, my god father, and my friend's mom all died from cancer. My maternal grandfather and two neighbors I'm close with have cancer but are doing okay. Also may friend's little sister who is only ten years old had cancer, but I think she's alright now.

When making a gun with your hand, you point your thumb up. But really you should be pointing it down. amirite?
@justfuckmeup Yeah, guys, get it right.

I think you need to take your right hand, rotate it 90 degrees, and stick it on your forehead. y smilie

Just kidding ily.

If we all had teachers like Dewey Finn from School of Rock, going to school would be a heck of a lot more fun, amirite?
@MaryKateBurnett Math is a wonderful thing... math is a really cool thing.... soo get off your ath let's do some math, MATH MATH...

Experimental education,--oh, you don't know him? He's one of the leading leaders in experimental education-ers.

There's always that one person who leaves their Christmas lights up until june, amirite?

In five weeks my Christmas lights change from "left up late" to "being put up early."

"Want U Back" by Cher Lloyd is ridiculously catchy, amirite?

... And now I have "I Want You Back" by the Jackson 5 stuck in my head.

What doesn't kill Mario makes him smaller, amirite?
Bears are freaking awesome creatures, amirite?


Challenge Day/ If You Really Knew Me. The tears didn't stop flowing.

A great name for a gay bar that only let pilots in would be "The Cockpit," amirite?

I do that when my parents try to take it... If they reach for its molestation...

Some of the best ideas occur when sleep deprived, amirite?

Also some of the worst. "A Red Bull and some chocolate to keep me awake? GREAT IDEA! Going to sleep now and getting up early before school to finish it? GREAT IDEA! (alarm doesn't go off)"

A great slogan for my cross country team would be "we've got the runs", Amirite?

You're XC and you know it.

When you see someone in a Halloween costume, you get an idea of what kind of personality they have. An old fat guy in a banana suit, a twelve year old girl as a sexy bunny, a teenage guy as John Lennon. It's interesting how dressing up as someone you're not can tell so much about who you are, amirite?
@eastcoast I've honestly never met anyone who hasn't known the white stripes except for in the past week

They played Seven Nation Army in the hallway at school a couple days ago and nobody even knew who it was by :(