It's ridiculous that babies are entered in beauty pageants. What can they even be judged on, amirite?

It's all extremely discriminating. And it's horrible how much people spend on that crap, too.

Why can't they make Disney princess costumes in teen sizes? amirite?

Oh, they do.
You just mistaked them for kids sizes because of how short they are.

The only time you have really good ideas, is when no one is around to hear them, amirite?

That's what Amirite is for! :)

I got in a huge accident when I was texting and driving.. there was fire and everything! I should be more careful next time I'm playing MarioKart, amirite?
@WolfeDeWary Yeah it is.

aww shoot, well now i look like my own copycat.. :(

The writers of 1000 Ways to Die desperately need to stop all the terrible ending voice-overs and lame puns, amirite?

agreed but sometimes i find puns oddly amusing.

It would be pretty cool to be on the show Glee, amirite?

it'd be freaking awesome! :)

Nothing says "I don't give a fuck" like a Hawaiian shirt, amirite?

Don't forget socks with sandals!

Someone should make a museum of the best in-class doodles in history, amirite?

That would be the coolest museum ever!
I legitimately want someone to make that now.

Rape used to result in a death sentence. it still should. amirite?

I don't know about this... rape is cruel, disturbing, and horrible but they should just rot in a jail cell for many many many many many year, death is a little too far.

glee can pull of any song from beatles, kiss, to brittany spears! amirite?

oh i know that, i meant they could sing these songs, i didnt mean they could sing them better, i just meant they could pull them off.

Why can't healthy food taste like sweet food? I would like broccoli a whole lot better if it tasted like chocolate!, amirite?

Hahaha(: I loved the amanda show!
It's the truth though! They totally should actually do that..

It's always awkward when taking a shower at a friends house. It's unfamiliar territory. First, you don't know which shampoo and conditioner to use. Second, you don't know what to use to wash your body. "Maybe I'll use the washcloth sitting here on the side of the shower... wait, what if their dad used that on his balls?", amirite?
The first thing you thought when you realised that you could chat on amirite was 'What the fuck?', amirite?

what the fuck?! you can chat on amirite?!

Toy Story, Finding Nemo and Wall-e are the greatest animated movies ever, amirite?
Using Internet Explorer?, amirite?

Google Chrome FTW!