Coming out of your shell has a whole new meaning as a turtle. You basically die. So in some cases, it's better to just be shy, amirite?
@ShadowofSin And naturally the person named "GrammarGirl" takes things way too literally. Clearly you do not belong on amirite...

Right, but usually a play on words involves humor. Most posts on this site are opinions, quotes, or jokes, with the occasional insightful. This was neither funny nor insightful, nor is it just an opinion that you can agree or disagree with. I understood that you were making a play on words. I just thought it was dumb.

Coming out of your shell has a whole new meaning as a turtle. You basically die. So in some cases, it's better to just be shy, amirite?
@ShadowofSin Never did I say turtles are people. But both turtles and people can be shy. Therefor the phrase 'coming out of your...

If two things have something in common, they don't necessarily have everything in common. Turtles literally have shells not because they're shy but because a shark (or other predator) could come and eat their ass if they didn't have it. People have metaphoric shells because they are shy for a multitude of reasons. This could include being afraid of being embarrassed or being wrong, fear of judgment, not liking other people, or just not having anything to say/not wanting to socialize.

Turtles getting eaten by sharks has absolutely no bearing on whether or not a person should or should not be more social.

Also: A watched pot never boils. But if you're a lobster, you could die in a pot of boiling water. So in some cases, it's better to watch the pot.

I think "Rite" shoud officially become another word for Correct. Right is a direction, and Write is what you do on a piece of paper. It just would make sense, amirite?

And a rite is a ceremonial act or custom in a culture or religion, as in a "rite" of passage, so no. That wouldn't make any sense at all.

Coming out of your shell has a whole new meaning as a turtle. You basically die. So in some cases, it's better to just be shy, amirite?

Because turtles are people.

given the chance to choose your own skin color, you would choose to be white, amirite?

While I wouldn't call being politically correct "nonsense", I kind of disagree with you. I feel like affirmative action focuses on getting people of different races into college rather than providing opportunities for those who wouldn't otherwise get them. Without affirmative action, a student's race would have zero effect on whether or not a student is admitted, leaving room for other programs which provide students with the same opportunities.

I also really don't think blacks in particular struggle very much anymore. It's just like feminism in America today. Sure, there's a lot of people who are still racist/sexist, but by no means are they the majority. And if anything, people discriminate more against people of Middle Eastern descent rather than African Americans.

One of the most annoying things in the world is trying to reach something (whether a physical object or a goal) and you come close repeatedly, but you just can't seem to reach it, amirite?

I read that as "whether a physical object or a goat". I must be tired.

you should not take finals if you got A's on the tests.amirite?
@StickCaveman You had better take the final if you want an A in the class. Most finals in college are weighted more than other test.

I think she meant that you shouldn't have to take the final if you have an A in the class already, but I still disagree. The final tests your cumulative knowledge of the course topic. Almost anyone can cram study for each individual test.

It's stupid to say that only educated people knowledgeable about politics should vote. Uneducated people are going to be affected by laws, so they fully have the right to vote since they are part of the general public, amirite?

I'm torn. I feel like there should be some standards you need to meet to be allowed to vote because way too many people barely follow the election and/or primaries, and their votes are primarily based on whatever slogan or propaganda they like best. The only problem with that is how to differentiate who's qualified and who's not--there are a lot of idiots who graduate college, and if we devised a test, then it'd be biased in one way or another because the people writing it would probably be the politicians themselves, or a committee of their choosing. There's no way to win.

The M&Ms in trail mix are a little different from regular ones because they taste a little salty, amirite?

Gee, I wonder why.

America spent over 1.28 trillion dollars on the War on Terror. That's over 43 times what it would cost to supply every human being with sanitary water. We need to get our priorities straight, amirite?
It's naive to think that your relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend is so special that it's going to last forever when you're just in high school or middle school. High school and middle school dating is good for learning how to have a good relationship and it's good for exploring what you like in a person, but to expect your relationship to last forever at that age...ridiculous. amirite?

It's silly to expect it, but it could happen. I know two kids I went to school with started dating in 6th grade. Now they're juniors in college--and still happily together!

Clever humor (ex. Monty Python, Brian Regan, Eddie Izzard, etc.) is so much more funny than perverted humor (ex. Family guy, "That's what she said" -The office, The simpsons, etc.) amirite?

I saw a flock of moosen. In the wood, in the woodis, in the woodsen!

The moment when you realize you just don't love something like you used too is heartbreaking, amirite?

Or someone.

In stores, bigger jean sizes should be lower on the shelves and smaller sizes should be up high so larger people don't have to go through the embarrassment of asking an employee to get down a size 15, amirite?

You guys realize size 14 is average in America now right?

It's probably annoying to live in the town Bieber, California, amirite?

Huh...I was just there!