You find it hard to vote 'Yeah you are!' if the post has a seirouslie bad speling error even if you totaly agree with it. amirite?

Even intentional ones bother me. :( :( :(

You've given up on a 'dream' you thought was serious before, (E.g. "When I grow up, I'm gonna be an actress") amirite?

I wanted to be a dry cleaner for a week when I was a kid.

If you're a serial rapist, there's a little of you in everyone. amirite?

If you're a cereal rapist, there's a little of you in every box!

Whether we admit to it or not we've all texted someone, facebooked someone, etc. while going to the washroom, amirite?

I actually don't think that's all that gross. Texting while in the bathroom is a pretty normal thing to do I think, and since you can't see/hear anything on the other end, there is absolutely no reason for the person on the receiving end to be offended.

You've failed so many Mathematic tests, you've lost count. Amirite?

I think it was supposed to be punny...

The old disney was MAGIC. I don't see the magic in Hannah Montana or Jonas...The Lion King taught us that we are all connected, Tarzan taught us this, too, and that no matter how different we are, we're family, and Pocahantas taught us to not judge others who are different but to teach one another, Mulan taught us about strength and honor. The old Disney should come back...for the children..... amirite?

I dunno about you, but Tarzan just taught me that if you run around in a loincloth, you'll get chicks.

People shouldn't buy albums from dead musicians since it's not like they're around to make money off of them, amirite?

The problem with that is the other people who worked on the album. It's not just the musicians who make money off album sales--actually, musicians make only a small portion. People always complain about money going to "the record label", but they forget that the record companies also pay EVERYONE who worked on the project.

You've got the sound engineers, electrical engineers, the artist who drew the cover art, the person who wrote and designed the pamphlet in front. You've got the editors who made the final mix, and then you have to pay the company who supplied any sounds that were not recorded by the band itself--which happens a LOT. If you have string sounds, they often record an orchestra rather than dealing with the synthesizer, so you have to pay those musicians. Then you have your marketing execs, distributors, and you'll need someone to negotiate a deal with a syndication company for working with radio stations.

Musicians aren't even half of the process.

Glee's version of "Friday" is better than the original, amirite?

Colbert's is better than Glee's.

When you were little, you thought that credit cards were unlimited money, amirite?

A lot of adults still do...

Dream big or don't dream at all, amirite?

No... Don't try and do something big just because you feel you have to. Find what makes you happy--and if that happens to be this giant, fantastic dream that will take your entire life to realize, don't shy away just because it's hard.

If you made a gift for your best friend. Then gave it to her and her reply was, Ewh this is so ugly. You would be killed inside, right? After all that hard work, and time spent on it. Imagine how God feels when you call yourself Ugly. amirite?
@TheShamWowGuy Well hold on now, all you are saying is that i am wrong, but you arent actually explaining why. And like you said...

"If the idea of God ceased to exist, okay, God was 100% not realistic, then the world would be thrown into chaos. People would steal, murder, rape, and suicides would go up considerably! because there is no one to be ultamitely accountable to."

This is one thing I HAVE to disagree with. I actually think the opposite would happen. If you've read the Bible, it's FILLED with things you called sin. It's filled with rape and murder and all sorts of horrible things which your god then excuses. RELIGION was the excuse for the Spanish Inquisition. People used religion to say that Haiti "had it coming". People use religion as a way to find a sense of righteousness which allows them to commit horrible acts of violence and hatred and still have a good conscience-because "God" will forgive them, or the person they hurt was a non-believer and deserved what they got. I'm not saying all religious people are horrible people, but it's definitely not the savior you see.

Coming out of your shell has a whole new meaning as a turtle. You basically die. So in some cases, it's better to just be shy, amirite?

Because turtles are people.

Most people like music out of conformity: your parents like it, or your friends like it, or you saw that it was no.1 in the charts so you decided to listen to it. Listen to some different genres and you might find there are some more bands you like - we should think for ourselves, amirite?

Uhhhhmmmmm Kamelot? Nightwish? Ooh, Dream Theater & Liquid Tension Experiment. In Fear and Faith? Opeth? So much good music out there. Oh, Once...With Glen Hansard. George Crumb? Libera.

We're in school to get an education. Not to play sports, become a musician, or become an actor/actress. amirite?
@TheCombatWombat No. We're in school to learn. People can pay for private classes for music, acting, singing, etc. And people can go...

No, it doesn't take away from education. Extensive research and numerous studies have shown that having an education in the arts (specifically music) helps students to excel in math and science. Plus, who's to say learning music isn't learning? By your logic, we shouldn't have French or Spanish in schools, either. I mean that's not academic. Music is a language just as much as French.

Homosexuality is the next era of civil rights, amirite?

It should also be the detainees at Guantanamo Bay. You know it STILL hasn't closed?