About me.

You have never lived if you have never died.
Name's Ben
I'm from the Canada side of things.
Jesus Geek
I prefer cool dry temperatures.
If it was 10 C everyday I would be content.
I'm spontaneous.;kburgerlimp
I seem to know a little bit of everything.
I can tell you the mating patter of a monarch butterfly and program you a flight course at the same time.
I'm an artist.
Music is a kinda passion of mine.
I listen to pretty much anything that isn't on the radio.
With some obvious exception.
My audio range goes from Death Metal to Classical to Electronic to Indie.
I also really like Jazz :)
I like poo, the Winnie kind.
I tweet.
I'm sweet, like honey.
Oh yea, I'm 18 and out of school.
I'll have the occasional drink but I won't get drunk.
I'm really analytic.
I try to understand people by the way they act.
I think I'm pretty good at it.
I swear when it's appropriate.
I really like concerts.
I get bored of the same routine.
Repetition sucks
Repetition sucks


That's a pyramid
I don't want to live forever.
I just want to live for you.
But the devil at my doorway keeps givin' me something new.
So I'm listening with idle hands cupped tightly around both ears.
My mind is open like a burned down house I haven't died at all this year.
Long Live:
Evan Perks
Robert Rios
David De la Hoz
Calvin Mackenzie
Andy Sundwall
The Audience
The City
The Earth
The Heavens
The King
This language is dead.