It's awkward when the person your texting is also texting someone else and they text you something they meant to say to the other person, amirite?

@awesomesocks, that happened to me once. the girl I was texting sent me a sext intended for her boyfriend... Awkward..

Christians: the majority of our theology comes from one man. And his name wasn't Jesus. This sort of worries you sometimes, amirite?
You automatically think an angel is female and the devil is male, amirite?

A female devil would be a turn-on.

If you think about it, you probably share a birthday with atleast one user on this site. amirite?

May 7th anyone?

You hate the New York accent, amirite?
Have you heard (song name)? No. By (artist name)? Still no, amirite?

And when they sing the lyrics.

"ito" at the end of a word makes it spanish, amirite?

I was thinking adding -ito to the end of a word makes it italian, since you know.. it is italian.

You'll never understand why some dollar stores think they'll profit by selling lingerie, amirite?

I always joke around with my girlfriend and tell her I'm gonna get her that, and she laughs and says "very funny."


there are few things more depressing than having to go to a pharmacy and return a box of condoms, amirite?

Or buying condoms and then having your girlfriend call and ask for a cucumber for a salad.

True love is like a plastic flower; no matter how many times it is trampled on, it survives, amirite?

Unless I melt it.

Households will run more smootly if everyone just took care of things themselves, like put away their own dishes and clean their own areas, amirite?

I can say the same thing about my job.

Rap from the eighties is better than today's rap, amirite?

That's cause the Rap craze has passed.

You can't name the 5 boroughs of New York without looking it up, amirite?

Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Staten, from the Battery to the top of Manhattan, asian, middle eastern and latin, black, white New York, we make it happen!

New York isn't as exciting as the media may make it seem, amirite?

Well, obviously, you're one of the people who stay home on amirite. LOTS of stuff to do. in NYC

For a million dollars, you would stand naked in a crowded street for 5 minutes, amirite?

I would, I mean I'm sure no one would be offended with me standing outside naked. I'm completely comfortable with me doing it, not like I've never streaked before, haha.