You hate when people think they know the lessons in school. Today in health my teacher asked "why do people put beans in their ears." my answer was, "because their stupid," which was a good answer but my friend knew the lesson was about drugs so he said "to calm them down." that answer is stupid and he thought it would be great because the lesson was about drugs, but really who would do that. amirite?

I clicked on comments hoping to see I'm not the only one confused. Thank god.

It seems weird that in the 2nd Harry Potter movie it took a month to make the poly juice potion, but in the 7th movie it takes them like five minutes, amirite?

And this is why you losers need to also read the book.

You have no idea what a vagina looks like, amirite?

I mean, whether or not you've seen it personally or not. Everyone should know what one looks like..

Guys don't like it when girls have their hair back. It makes you look less attractive. amirite?

The girl that comes to my mind is Alex Morgan, her hair is always tied back and she looks incredibly attractive.

So.. Kesha taught us how to spell Dinosaur, Gwen Stefani taught us how to spell Banana, Fergie taught us how to spell Delicious... Someone needs to teach "Soulja Boy" how to spell Soldier correctly. amirite?

Jim Carey taught me how to spell beautiful.


If I had a dollar for every time facebook changed, I would have enough to buy it and stop it from changing, amirite?

If I had a dollar for every complaint about Facebook changing I'd have enough to buy it back from you.

Girls: It's actually kind of amusing to tease guys, amirite?

The only appropriate teasing is the one where your girlfriend plays with your dick before putting it in her mouth.

You're not really sure why they put the height of a bridge on highway overpasses- if a truck driver sees his vehicle won't fit, what would he do? Turn around? Back up? amirite?

It's someones job to plan the route the trucks go. It's actually a six-figure job.

You would have no problem with pubic hair if it wasn't so thick and rough in texture. amirite?

I'm fine with girls having some pubic hair. As long as it's trimmed and such.

You know you're in Los Angeles when you see a billboard that's in Spanish, amirite?

Or New York..

It's annoying when people say Eminem is the best white rapper in the game when he's the only white rapper they know. RA The Rugged Man, Apathy, Slug, Brother Ali, Kno, Vinnie Paz, Lord Lhus, Snak The Ripper, Surreal/Sound Providers are all capable MC's that deserve a look at before you claim Eminem is the best. Hell, even the Problemaddicts, the Procussions and the Youth have white MC's, amirite?

Eminem would murk them all if they battled each other in their prime.

stop filling up your 2 liter water bottle at the drinking fountain while im behind you! The fountain is for SIPPING not to tank up for a 2 day hike up Mount Douchebag. amirite?

I always do this while at the park... Guess I'm a douche bag.

Girls with braces are so cute when they smile, amirite?

They look cute... If you like jailbait.

There is a vagina-scented perfume... you would never buy that, amirite?

It's a unique smell, I don't know how they would scent that. Plus, the smell is always better know what girl it comes from.

If you had a time machine and went to kill yourself in the past, then you never should've existed in the first place, amirite?