If a guy is sweet, a gentleman, or not a player, he will be called gay, amirite?
"I wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad" is our generations version of "If I had a million dollars", amirite?
With all the new technologies we now have, it's kinda useless to text your boyfriend or girlfriend when you could easily chat, skype or have sex, amirite?

This makes no sense at all.

If you could wish for anything, an unlimited supply of batteries at your fingertips would definitely be up there, amirite?

I've always wanted my wish to be an unlimited supply of drinks at my fingertips. Imagine you're thirtsy..BAM!GATORADE

Camo shorts go with anything you wanna wear, amirite?

I like wearing it with certain things, but only when my top is white, grey or black mostly.

don't act so high and mighty Great Britain , I have been to your country and you have your fair share of idiots and chunks there too... amirite?

America doesn't have the highest obesity rate in the world..

Walking behind a tall kid in the hall is like having a police escort, amirite?

I never knew people felt like this.. Now whenever I walk around my halls I'm gonna feel like a police escort. (6'4" Football Player)

Wet t-shirt contests in the North Pole are probably a bad idea,amirite?

Hard nipples?

They should make chargers that pop themselves out of the device is sleeping or off and the device is fully charged, amirite?

I read this like 6 times, I don't get it..

@CherryBlaster, What does a voice change have to do with being gay? And people get girlfriends to hide the fact they're gay.

I don't like his music, but hey, he's rich, young and getting a whole shit load of sexy white girls... All I can do is hate..but respect.

It's awkward when your friends, or random kids from your school, say your mom is hot and a milf. amirite?

It's even more awkward when you realize it's true..

Innocent victims can now be sued for crimes that were committed on them. What kind of sick alternate reality do we live in, amirite?

You can sue anyone for anything. You just need proof and a good case... And convincing lawyer.

bonnie from toy story could give her toys adventures, go to college, and repeat the series as andy did, amirite?

Can't wait to see what they do in Toy Story 4

You could do so many things if you were just an inch taller, amirite?

I wish I was 6'5" :(

When people where sunglasses at night and look like a tool, you don't say anything just in case they actually are blind, amirite?

Not sure if blind or tool, but don't want to offend.