You're not really sure why they put the height of a bridge on highway overpasses- if a truck driver sees his vehicle won't fit, what would he do? Turn around? Back up? amirite?

It's someones job to plan the route the trucks go. It's actually a six-figure job.

stop filling up your 2 liter water bottle at the drinking fountain while im behind you! The fountain is for SIPPING not to tank up for a 2 day hike up Mount Douchebag. amirite?

I always do this while at the park... Guess I'm a douche bag.

Shorter girls are hotter, amirite?

As long as they're shorter than me, anything taller and I'd feel weird

You know at least one girl, who will take a new profile picture to show off her "new haircut"... and show something instead of the haircut, amirite?

Mmmmm boobs

If you're used to taking showers, when you take a bath it seems awkwardly quiet, amirite?

Sometimes I fill the bathtub halfway, and put the shower on and let the water drain away. The sound of the water hitting against water is relaxing

It should really be the Toronto Maple Leaves, not the Maple Leafs, amirite?

The team is named after a World War 1 regiment, which means it's a proper noun and only needs a "S" added to the end.

You know you're in Los Angeles when you see a billboard that's in Spanish, amirite?

Or New York..

Pics or it didn't happen

Innocent victims can now be sued for crimes that were committed on them. What kind of sick alternate reality do we live in, amirite?

You can sue anyone for anything. You just need proof and a good case... And convincing lawyer.

When people where sunglasses at night and look like a tool, you don't say anything just in case they actually are blind, amirite?

Not sure if blind or tool, but don't want to offend.

Its real simple lol

@CherryBlaster, What does a voice change have to do with being gay? And people get girlfriends to hide the fact they're gay.

I don't like his music, but hey, he's rich, young and getting a whole shit load of sexy white girls... All I can do is hate..but respect.

Had to google her to see who she was, and wow, she is sexy.

You hate the New York accent, amirite?
I am in an open relationship because my bf wants that and I don't want to stop seeing him, but it kills me every time he sleeps with someone else. I am an idiot for not having the strength to leave, amirite?

Damn.... what a dick. I hope you know he's pretty much using you as sex for when he doesn't have sex. You should cut this soon, I'm sure you can find someone who respects you.