@Caitlin What is up with newer members of amirite trying to disprove jokes? IT'S A JOKE. IT'S NOT MEANT TO BE COMPLETELY...

Don't you get it?
in that meme, what Dwight says is supposed to be funny in itself

Newer users have a sense of humor too

Are you a dementor? Because you just took my breath away.

It feels great to take off that collar and leash after a long day of being a bitch, amirite?

One time, as soon as my mother got to the front of the line, she told me to run to the back of the store and grab a bag of Doritos, So i bolt to the chip aisle, grab the Doritos, and run back, a few feet away from the register, I drop them. I look up to see nothing but disappointment on my mothers face, while she shook her head at me, I had never felt more like a failure in my life.

Omg, YES. This actually works. When it comes to my brother, I usually try to one-up him, even. "Sami, that shirt makes you look fat." "No, Jon, my fat makes me look fat."

Excuse me while I attempt to bandage this massive paper cut to my soul.