You hate how your iPhone rotates because sometimes you want to be on your side but you don't want the screen to be vertical, amirite?

Super white people problems.

Rock is dead. Now lets get on with our lives and listen to rap, amirite?
@karadotcollett rap can be good, rock can be good. it just depends what artists you listen to. good rap: eminem, cypress hill, fort...

Umm that's good rock?Ever heard of the rolling stones, led zeppelin , bob dylan , nirvana etc?

And please stop putting nickelback in the bad rock section just because it's cool to hate them.

You're happy that spiders don't travel in packs, amirite?
@guci oh god i hope you're ok

that's wasn;t sarcasm btw i'm absolutely terrified by spiders

It's impossible to commit suicide by just holding your breath. Try it! amirite?

Even if someone succedes they won't be here to vote no way and comment.

I have no idea about who Chuck Norris is. It's not that bad, amirite?

Oh no you don't know who Chuck Norris is!OMG you know what will happen to you?!?!??!?!

Nothing.Chuck Norris jokes got old 3 years ago.

its okay to be obssessed with a couple of things, amirite?

We should have pedo bear here saying kids any minute now.Or hitler saying jews.



You can't describe color. Try it. Try describing the color 'Blue' like you would to a blind person who has never seen the world before. You can't figure out how, amirite?

I'm blue da ba di da da do

Girls check out guys as much as guys do to girls, amirite?

I spent a lot of time in a class with a lot of girls like 20 and holy shit all you talk about is boys.

And if you are not talking about boys you're talking about makeup and how fat you are.

Sorry to be a little stereotypical but that's just what i observed in 1 year.

Girls check out guys as much as guys do to girls, amirite?
@And guys tend to talk about sports, what chicks they've banged, and their dicks. Call it even?

I'm not that much into sports or don't talk about my dick but sure it's even.

Stereotypes will be stereotypical.
What can ye do about it?

you know this one semi-gay guy that gets a shitload of chicks, amirite?
@MsVerbalVomit Semi-gay? Wouldn't that be bisexual?

I think OP means someone not very masculine a person who looks/acts like he would be into guys but somehow isn't.

How many gay guys does it take to screw in a light bulb? Two: One to screw it in, and the other to say "Fabulous!", amirite?
@Totobean Yeah, but it's still funny.

Yeah, but you still voted no way.

The definition of innocence: Seeing that Friends is on and thinking “Ooh, maybe it's one I haven't seen!“, amirite?

Umm yea just a small detail: besides a few countries we don't really speak english

If the world doesn't end on December 21, 2012, I have a feeling there will be a lot of babies born on September 20, 2013, amirite?