Thanks women's rights for making me go to work everyday and pressuring me into voting, it would have really sucked to have the burden of lounging around the house all day. (credit to Ruminations) amirite?
stop typing posts in different languages, this is America! amirite?
@americans are half the reason the world is still working kind of! have u ever heard of a little thing called world...

Are you serious?Europe fought the whole war with millions of people dying USA (not america) came at the end and took all the credit.

People who are obsessed with old bands like 'Queen' and 'Guns and Roses' are always blatantly ignorant towards new music, amirite?
Stop being so sexy, you're distracting me, amirite?

I'll try but no promises.

It's weird to think that in 150 years, not one of the 6.8 billion people on this earth will exist. amirite?
@Richard Okay... was that necessary to say? Haha


The United States is the stupidest continent in the world. amirite?
@asdijojioiojioxj How do you know, OP isn't really dumb. Why is everybody sticking up for OP? That's like saying-" your stoopid" oh...

I'm laughing.That post was a classic example of trolling and when i saw 20 comments i started laughing and imagined the raging americans.

Hitler's phone number was probably "999-9999," amirite?

Took me a second to get it lol

Spain is going to win the 2010 World Cup, amirite?

Lol the comments on this post are so old and almost none of them are true

if I have red itchy bumps on my penis that is just puberty, amirite?

umm you should probably get that checked out

@ArnoldVanDerWalt In Africa it's too hot to where shoes in the summer. Heck, us college go barefoot most days!

(ArnoldVan Der Walt): Must be awesome riding barefoot on a lion's back to school.Feeling the wind between your toes and everything..

Being white is great, I could get into a time machine and literally go to any year I want and it would be awesome, black people cant do that, Amirite?
@white people suck, lets face it

If someone would have said "Black people suck, let's face it" people here would have already called the police but since it says that white people suck it's ok.

Look i'm not looking for a relationship...

What the fuck is PMS?!?! amirite?

You probably shouldn't be in the internet.

It's weird to think that Shane Dawson is a virgin. amirite?

He actually said in a few of his videos that hes waiting till hes married..

This World Cup is working out like WW2 - France have forfeited, the USA turned up late, and England is left to fight the Germans, amirite?

Now we only have to wait for the other countries to fight till they can't anymore so USA can come and fight 2 battles and take credit for everything.Yay.