A man should stop acting like a victim when a woman hits him. It is a completely different thing compared to when a man abuses a woman. Amirite?

At least the woman can fight back.If a man fights back suddenly he's the one abusing.

Hunting is a horrible sport. Taking a gun and killing innocent, defenseless animals doesn't even sound like fun, amirite?
A black person came home from school and told his mom, "mommy, I have the biggest penis in all of 3rd grade. Is that because I'm black?" The mom said, "no honey, it's because you're 23." Amirite?

I imagine the guys who voted no way: 'A black person came home..' WAIT WHAT A BLACK PERSON OMG RACIST

Jonas Brothers "Year 3000": "And your great, great, great granddaughter is doing fine." LULZ THAY CAN'T DO THE MATHS, amirite?
@lol wtf? are you retarded? music has always existed.

It existed but we don't listen to it now because there's no way of listening to it there's no recording it.Imo

A party with no white people is cracka lackin', amirite?
Whats so special about the girls in California, Katy Perry? Girls in the other 49 states are just as good, amirite?
@ya im a cali girl and i do think we are the best. i mean in california we have it all..all u who disagree have...

(allybally :)): You truly have it all.Even self-absorbed girls who think they are the best.

SOHCAHTOA, amirite?
Music is music. I can listen to what i want, you can listen to what you want. I wont hate on your opinion so dont hate on mine. amirite?

Everyones got an opinion on music is just that yours is right

When your girlfriend/boyfriend has Eminem lyrics as his or her status, you know you're about to get murdered, or shit's goin' down. amirite?

Or that i'm about to break up with someone

Lil Wayne uses auto-tune. Lil Wayne doesn't write his own songs. And Lil Waynes not insanely attractive. Remind me why he's the "best" again.... amirite?
Lil Wayne uses auto-tune. Lil Wayne doesn't write his own songs. And Lil Waynes not insanely attractive. Remind me why he's the "best" again.... amirite?
@what the hell are you talking about? lil wayne writes all of his own songs. his words never even touch paper, he...

Unless the lyrics can be made by a 2 year old it's impossible not to write them down.It doesn't take 2 minutes to make a good song.It takes a lot.

Non-Americans: you wouldn't want to live in America (unless you came from a country so poor pretty much anywhere else would be better), amirite?
@Roy Show some pride Americans!

Are you stupid?This post is directed to non-americans americans shouldn't vote...

Dear world,
We're really sorry about Justin Bieber, but at least we gave you Rush.
-Canada, amirite?
Guys: is it really THAT hard to understand us girls? There's not much to it. Tell us the truth, be kind when we're on our periods, talk and get to know us, be NICE, and hang out with us and ask us out if you're even a little interested. All we want is someone to care for us and hold us, amirite?

I haven't seen 1 girl to go for the nice guy who cares about them.But probably that's because i'm in highschool.

That's confusing why do you go for the guy that treats you like crap?

Guys, you hate it when your stream of urine splits in two, and the two streams are so far apart that only one will go in the toilet, and if you try to make both of them go in the toilet, they both go out of the toilet bowl, so you end up having to clean the urine on the floor with the toilet paper, but someone didn't replace the roll of tp, so you have to get some from another bathroom, amirite?
@once it went to 3 streams b/c the hair down their

That's nothing i once split up in 6 streams