SOHCAHTOA, amirite?
@Brett Anyone who votes this down should automatically be banned from amirite for failure to finish 8th grade.

What the hell are you smoking i'm in 10th grade and i've never heard of this in my life.Ever thought that in other countries they don't teach this?

[[ ( . Y . ) + ( v ) ] + 8====D ] x 9 = :'(+<, amirite?

Tits and vagina + dick and nine months = crying baby?

or am i wrong

Ÿōûr hęåd wøúłd êxpłõdė ïf ÿôū trîëd tö prøñõùńčė thįš çôrrèćtłëÿ, amirite?
You're happy that spiders don't travel in packs, amirite?
@Richard What if they flew also??

i would probably lock myself in a box and never leave

SOHCAHTOA, amirite?
@Montezuma ...why? D:

Well saying that other countries fail...kind part of the american stereotype

Have you ever noticed that all bad things for women have the word men in there somewhere... MENstral cycles, MENtal anxiety, MENtal breakdowns, MENopause, amirite?
@Dinosaurs Are we lizards? No.


The Leaning Tower of Pisa is leaning because it is in Italy, and therefore built in italics, amirite?
Girls love when boys touch their waist, amirite?

I love it when i find out stuff about girls from amirite.

For those confused on what MLIA may be, here is a quick summary: Today, Harry Potter. Walmart. Twilight. Dinosaurs. Stickers. Explains so much. Snuggies. Giant insert ridiculous animal/item here costume. Bubbles. Floor is Lava. Will you marry me? Ninjas vs. Pirates. Find Waldo. Google beats Yahoo. Awesome teacher. Fake- Trying-to-Hard randomness. I think not. Best. Day. Ever. MLIA, amirite?

I'm confused.What about the restored faith in the old people.

after having sex as a highschooler for the first time, finding out your NOT preggers is one of the best feelings in the world, amirite?
You want to know what it feels like to be on drugs, but your too scaired to take them, amirite?
You're happy that spiders don't travel in packs, amirite?
Ina group of girls, there's always one really ugly girl. if you say No Way, you are probably the ugly girl, amirite?

"if you say No Way, you are probably the ugly girl"

Or maybe i'm just a guy who hasn't seen the ugly girl in all the groups.

light bulbs are not actually "light bulbs" but dark absorbers. when you turn them on, they suck the dark out of the room. you can prove this by holdingyour hand under a "light bulb" . the dark will stack up under your hand where its path is blocked by your hand. when they quit working and turn a dark colour, its not because they burnt out, its because they're full. amirite?

dark absorbers


Dear teens, can we please stop doing fads and habits that are UNHEALTHY. We get all this bad publicity for drugs and parties and alcohol and facebook and other exotic things. Let's get some healthy habits and fads for once! "Dude... try this carrot... it's such a rush of vitamin-A".. amirite?

Well carrots aren't really that fun..Unless you're a girl ofc hello smilie