About me.

Why hello there.
I love music and art, my interests include drawing, painting, and writing. I am also teaching myself to play the drums and harmonica, I used to play the piano, after my teacher moved I have become a little rusty, but hope to pick it up again soon.
My favorite music is classic rock, but I'll pretty much listen to anything but techno. I also like rock and blues, alternative, country, and most anything underground.
My favorite bands/artists include the BEATLES, Cake, Taylor Swift, Capra, Rolling Stones, Beach Boys, Nine Inch Nails, Kings of Leon, and Weezer.
I also enjoy skiing, hiking, and golf. I study in the IB program and my favorite subjects are english, art, history, and science (though I'm not that good at the latter).
My favorite artists are Monet, Peter Max, Leonardo DaVinci, and I enjoy learning about modern artists through ads and local shows.