Charlie Sheen: because Lindsay Lohan needed some competition, amirite?

Charlie sheen was going on cocaine benders when lohan was in diapers...

I kind of feel like this is at least a little bit of a brag post. You know some big words. Good for you!

The majority of Monopoly games end with someone getting pissed,flipping the board and calling the other player(s) names. It's just a game that will never end well,amirite?

You're a dirty whore, grandma!

You like to write down your homework and cross it off as you go along to feel productive, amirite?

Actually at the end of the day I like to write down everything I did and then cross it off. Then if anyone ever sees my note book they will think "damn this person does everything they settheir mind to!"

People should not be ashamed of nudity, amirite?

No one should be ashamed of it, but there's this thing called modesty.

We all need to live like there's no tomorrow, but that's hard when you have teachers who like to pile on homework, giving you no life, amirite?

Well if you really wanted to live like there's no tomorrow then you wouldn't even do your homework bc you may never have to turn it in.

Before you die, you wish you could see a big movie montage of all of your life's greatest and worst moments (the worst to reminded you why the greatest were so good) amirite?

That depends on who is in charge of picking out the soundtrack

We fear to give somebody a congratulatory smack in the butt because they may give us a retaliatory smack in the face! amirite?

Haha! Though I can't say I've every wanted to give someone a congratulatory smack in the butt lol

Whenever your boyfriend or Girlfriend says they're having fun and your not there, you tell them your happy for them but deep down your hurting cause your not the reason they're having fun, amirite?

Well it kinda hurts...but not because i'm not the reason they're having fun. But because I'm not there having fun with them.

For a neutral country, the Swiss have a pretty aggressive tasting cheese. amirite?

Who originally said this joke? I can't remember now and its killing me.

you feel really fake when you have to look like you are empathising with someone who you don't care about, amirite?

Well that's life, you have to get along. Sometimes you have to pretend with people. Oh well its just a game

If you don't get a joke that didn't even make sense, you aren't stupid. Amirite?
@rawr_ur_dead Because it's obvious when someone doesn't get a joke, you can see it on their faces. Or, they sometimes say that...

Well I know that. What I'm saying is, is that if you don't understand a joke that everyone else understands, maybe you do have a few screws loose in your head.

So, Proactive really works, amirite?
@Bre Really?? It did for me.

Not for me...made it worse for me.

Teenagers shouldn't be having sex in high school. They should atleast wait until they get home and do it there, amirite?

Oh geez, some people are so touchy. Well personally, I think this post is hilarious.

At least once in your life you've wanted something that was across the room but you were too lazy to get it, so you pointed at it said 'Wingardium Leviosa' and then got disappointed when it didn't levitate. amirite?

I always did more of a Matilda thing, personally...