Gay people: you get really offended when two straight people try to get married. It's different from how you practice marriage and it is automatically morally wrong to do something different. amirite?

Gays aren't scary people, they're just different. And just because someone's different doesn't mean you should be afraid of them. It means you should be ANGRY at them! How DARE they be different! WHAT? My way of life ain't good enough for 'em!?

It's annoying when your friend complains about having multiple people liking them, and you don't have anyone liking you, amirite?

I think your friend's complaining is just her way of bragging without trying to sound like a bitch. If I was someone like Bill Gates I would do the same thing.
"Ugh! I have just WAY too much money! I mean, look at all these papercuts! And all those Benjamin Frankilns just staring at me at night! Ugh! It's just an absolute HELL!!!"

Bands today don't care about their music, like bands in the sixties did. They only care about getting rich and buying cars and electronics; in fact, that's what most of them write about in the songs, anyway. amirite?
@I_did_it_in_a_tree there are less mainstream artists than there are non-mainstream artists. most people are anti-mainstream. the...

it's like how NYC and LA are densely populated cities, but most people who live in the US live in neither city.

Why don't they just cut out the middleman and make a mirror that takes pictures, amirite?
@AntiJokeChicken potd sucks

Just yesterday, JUST FREAKIN' YESTERDAY, I replied to a comment JUST LIKE THIS with "reoccurring comment reoccurs." For this sharp piece of wit I received about thirty votes up, and this made me smile, both because my greatness was recognized and because the people of amirite? as a whole obviously agreed with me that this comment was getting old. I went about my life with a smile on my face.
You have shattered my illusion of a perfect world. You have broken my young heart. You, sir, are nothing less than a monster, and not in the energy drink or Lady Gaga fan definition. No, I am referring to the meaning where you are a hideous and ugly beast feared across all the land.