About me.

I've been wanting to post a list of emoticons somewhere, because I could only remember the troll smilie one, so here it is :) I might be missing some though
Thanks to ActionMan for additional help

wink smilie wink
swt smilie swt
gst smilie gst
jolly smilie jolly
emo smilie emo
lhat smilie lhat
hmm smilie hmm
cool smilie cool
(cry2) cry2
l smilie l
hehe smilie hehe
goo smilie goo
frown smilie frown
angry smilie angry
d smilie d
y smilie y
n smilie n
un smilie un
no smilie no
hello smilie hello
lolwut smilie lolwut
creeper smilie creeper
wary smilie wary
smirk smilie smirk
puke smilie puke
yum smilie yum
love smilie love
troll smilie troll
ono smilie ono
smile smilie smile
diamond smilie diamond