About me.

We are the unashamed. We do not wait in vain. For Christ sake, live boldly.

I'll become even more undignified than this.

I'm a dog person. I am miserable in anything under 72. :) Love is a gun, and I'm pullin' the trigger. I'm a kisser. I am in love with music. I play just about everything. My favorite things to play are percussion instuments: marimba, drumset& bongos. My big sister is my best friend, she goes by Sue Squeezee. I sing guitar solos. I enjoy no shoes. But if I have to wear them, I wear Toms. I hate lies. I have always been able to say what I want to say in the way I want to say it. I run. I work at a soup kitchen. I could seriously talk to anyone about anything. :) I wait until I have no* clean clothes to do laundry. I could read my weight in books. You might now say "Yo gurll, dat don make a lik o sense!" To which I would say "Yeah huh."

My favorite song is The Cave by Mumford and Sons. In case anyone was wondering.

Oh yeahh. My name is Haley.

Hollerr @ yo gurrlll.