About me.

Feel free to let me know if you were the one who said they had a big crush on me! I'd really like to know if you're not too shy about it. :)

I'm a guy. I know my name is Harper. Why don't you talk to Kelsey Grammer about having a girl name?

My beard makes me look older than I am. I am just seventeen. And if you already thought I was seventeen, whoops!

I come from the South. I don't have a Southern accent. My parents moved to the South from Chicago. I'm also NOT a Republican, unlike most Southerners.

I like The Hunger Games. And 1984. And Fahrenheit 451.

As for TV shows, I like Psych. And Once Upon a Time. And The Office. And Conan. I'm also into Pawn Stars. I still watch Pokémon, too.

I'm a big Spielberg nut. That man has not made a bad movie. Or TV show, for that matter, as he made The Animaniacs, too. My favorite Spielberg film would have to be Jurassic Park.

I will often say something stupid and regret saying it soon afterward. So, if you don't like how I'm acting today, talk to me tomorrow. I will have matured by then.

I'm friends in real life with the user Ross. Too bad he doesn't come here much anymore. And I will be your friend, too, if you just ask.