If you were to have twins, you would want them to have rhyming names-- Like Jake and Blake, or Purple and Waitfuck, amirite?
We cannot let obsessive 12-year-old movie fans or the media ruin The Hunger Games for us, amirite?
How is Armpit fat? Digging holes is a workout, amirite?
Zoos are terrible if you think about it. Dozens of animals trapped in little cages. It's not fair. Amirite?

the animals dont have any predators and get fed more than enough each day. that's way better than they'd do in the wild.

Lord of the Rings is one of the few cases where the movie is better than the book, amirite?
You wonder if Poseidon's last name is Jackson. amirite?
It seems like nine out of ten guys these days prefer big boobs and the tenth guy prefers the other nine guys, amirite?
@Mike I'll take small perky boobs over big floppy ones any day.

Most boobs aren't perky. Some girls just give you the illusion that they are by wearing extreme push up bras.

Guys: One of the most fulfilling moments in life is when you graze your hand across a girls boobs, begin to panic, then you realize the girl either did not feel it or was not paying attention to whose hand grazed across their chest. amirite?

oh we notice. it would just become an awkward situation if we were to call you out on it so we pretend like it didn't happen.

Life is too short to spend a quarter of it in school, amirite?
@Lolita Ok so just live life without any knowledge, and basically be a sponge instead of an intelligent, complex human...

I'm not saying school isn't important but what's the point of spending so much time in boring school where half the time you don't pay attention and then by the time you get out, you only have a portion of your life to use that knowledge.

Carrots taste so much better with ranch dressing, amirite?

everything tastes better with ranch dressing

It would be rough if Katniss had her period during the Hunger Games, amirite?
You cry more in movies and books than in real life, amirite?
You think of numbers and letters in specific colors, amirite?
You think of numbers and letters in specific colors, amirite?
@chocolatecakeisbad I started reading that once. I don't know why I stopped though because it was pretty good.

yeah i read that. it was kinda boring but super interesting. also i saw on tv a guy who memorized like 200,000 digits of pi because of his colors

The first person to coin a word that rhymes with 'orange' would probably win the Nobel Prize for Literature, amirite?