About me.

I call phones and make people think no ones there. I make the lights flicker on and off. And then I come and get ya.

So yeah, I'm a girl. Apparently, because of my account name and such, I'm thought of as a guy. Sad face.

I'm a sophmore in high school. Oh, I live in Florida too. Near Disney. But its not as exciting as you might think. The weather is too annoying here to live. Vacationing here must be nice though.

I think its obvious that I'm a nerd. I like playing video games, watching anime, reading manga, and watching cartoons. I love Modern Warfare 2. I'd tell you my gamertag, but my brother took his Xbox with him to college... /: I have a Wii though.

I can speak English, Spanish, and currently learning Mandarin Chinese (Its SO hard, but fun to learn). I'm from a Spanish speaking country. Care to guess?

Team StarKid is the best theater group I have ever seen. Legit.
"Red Vines. What the hell can't they do?"