Just because you're blonde, it doesn't mean you're dumb. Just because you're black, it doesn't mean you're ghetto. Just because you're American, it doesn't mean you're fat. Just because you're Mexican, it doesn't mean you're cheap. Just because you're a girl, it doesn't mean you can't play a video game. Just because you're a guy, it doesn't mean you can't see an emotional movie. Amirite?

Theres no way this post could be anymore wrong.

High fructose corn syrup is better then suger. amirite?
You wish you were naked right now, amirite?

...i already am.

They shouldn't show condom/tampon commercials on Disney channel. amirite?

i meant like channels LIKE disney channel. like cartoon network, nickelodeon, etc.

"Charlie bit my finger...again!" doesn't deserve to be the most viewed video on Youtube. amirite?
You speak Canadian. amirite?
@ReginaFilange I also speak Australian

OH SHIT?! i bet you speek british also?

It takes more time for a guy to poop than most girls to shower; amirite?

yeah. when guys are "pooping" there actually masturbating.

Any song out today can be greatly improved by adding a bagpipe solo. amirite?
@what's with the bagpipe posts?

haha i posted this like 6 days ago but yeah i agree

Pedo_bear is the father of child pornography. amirite?
@Pedo_Bear How did you know?

@389961 (Pedo_Bear): ehh just kind of guessed cause in the beginning of the videos i see: directed, produced, and loved by Pedo_bear

It's annoying when Windows shuts down your computer randomly to "configure updates". amirite?

Haha it happend to me like 30 seconds ago! thatss what made me think about it hah

It's normal that I fantasize about having sex with food. amirite?

its cause i get shit donee