Grammar nazis don't care about capitalization because they aren't capitalists, amirite?

Educated humor FTW.

God doesn't make our world the way it is, we do. amirite?
@AlexCarlileThePillow Before all you atheists comment on how he "doesn't exist" read this He gives hope like no other can, yet so many...

I actually really like that argument, even though I am agnostic. Thank you, an actual RATIONAL and not HATEFUL argument!! I'd disagree with you on one thing, however. I wouldn't say that I am trying to cause people to lose their faith. Maybe it's just me, but I'm fine with religious ideals, I think they add a lot to a persons life and teach really good morals.

The show Avatar: The Last Airbender had many deeper underlying themes that most kids that watched it probably didn't catch on to, amirite?
In music, there really is no kind of music that is "the best" since everyone has their own opinions. Really, good music is all about opinion, since there really is no truth. amirite?


you've been tempted to taste dog/cat food before, just to see what your pet has to eat everyday, amirite?

It's sooooo baddd

It's aggravating when someone who doesn't understand your situation tries to tell you that you have no right to complain about it, amirite?
Glee should sing an original song just to confuse everybody, amirite?

I read that they were thinking about it. The episode was gonna be called "original song" where all the members would write their own song. Of course, they'd really be written by unknown writers.

Sometimes your dreams are so much better than your real life, amirite?

I had a dream that my school cieling collapsed on a guy I hateee. Kill two birds with one stone.