About me.

-My name is Andrew
-My favorite books are Ender's Game, Ethan Frome, and Catcher in the Rye
-I love Pokemon, Scrubs, Friends, Phineas and Ferb, Disney, and many other shows
-I am inanely attracted to girls with teased hair, scene hair, or crazy colored hair.
-I love a girl who is sweet, kind, has a sense of humor, girly, happy, loves video games, loyal, straight edge, intelligent, a nerd, acts herself, and stands up for what she believes in.
-I can be an adult and get the job done, but I can also be childish, have a sense of humor, and have fun.
-One day I will be changing the world and changing lives. I stand out in a crowd and am different from anyone you will ever meet. I will be the type of person people will look up to and wish they could be like. They will better themselves and be that person they have always wanted to be. The strong, confident, respected, intellegent, gifted and impossibly ideal individual, that is in fact what you could actually become. Who's stopping you? You only got one life, make the most of it, risk it all, do what makes you happy. Don't settle for someone else's sake. Hell, the only opinion that truely matters is your own. Who gives two shits what anyone else thinks? It's your life, do what you want for the reasons you believe in. After all, we are the ones who decide our own fate.
-And I love cheese