When you were a kid, who did you think had the best job?

Ended up being more earthbound than them, but is still waiting for that opening..
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You consider it disrespectful for two people to talk in their native language, which is not English in the comments section of a post? (On Amirite)

I have no problems with it at all

Happy Birthday JanHaskell, one of the nicest ladies on Amirite. Let's show her how much we respect and love her.

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Happy belated, Jan!

It's storming here today, let's post some weather related music.

I love the more colourful phrases you spice up your language with

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When you're lonely it feels like you're on the outside looking in, Amirite?

..and you can be lonely in a crowd.

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I never felt more alone and isolated than when I was in a relationship (looking out)

@JanHaskell Happy Birthday! Hope all your wishes come...

I'm not holding my breath, and Alice isn't either.
But thank you, Jan! hug smilie

I Love my Cat more then I do some People is that wrong ?

I love my cat more than I love most politicians

Have you ever gone through a time where you crave to be alone? No people at all...just a vast space of landscape...it can be what the heart yearns for....

Only every day of my life

How much grudge can you hold before you have to let go?

Easy for you to say. You have that moderator "knock them out"-button.

Chicken: how do you cook it? This is my latest fave question for taxi drivers; I've gotten several interesting recipes...one for Tandoori chicken - (but you need the oven) - What do you do with your chicken?

That.. photo..
As if killing it, burning it and eating it wasn't enough of an insult! no smilie

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Where in the world where you born?

Bergen, Norway

What's your theory about why so many more people have allergies these days...allergies that were rare or unheard of years ago....

Our eating pattern has changed.
We add things to food that we don't know enough about.
We also eat a lot more of certain food groups than any generation before us, and we sterilize everything.
Children living in junkyards develop stronger immune systems and have less allergies than we in our bacteria free environment.

Seems so silly to be upset with anonymous questions. Most people keep their profile private and no one really knows anyone's name, do they? Ignore what you don't like, amirite?

Have no problems with it, personally. I am less interested in answering anonymous questions, since there is no communication in it.
Most people here seems to think that way dhat smiliecreeper smilie

Is it hard to be you...or is it easy being you...?

Much easier than being someone else chew smilie