Would you like to know who gives you upvotes and downvotes?

Most of the time, you can see it.
When I get seven downvotes on a reply, I laugh.
I know that someplace there is a person who goes to the trouble of logging in and out of different accounts seven times to downvote "anonymously", wasting life click by click.
Would have been real funny if it wasn't so sad

Is there someone on Amirite whose comments and replies you look for first...?

Chilling is good h smilie
Nope, the shop is open. There are two people working there besides me, and we have a student we call when we are in need.
Will be back at work Monday

Is there someone on Amirite whose comments and replies you look for first...?

But what came first?
The egg, the chicken or the bunny?hmm smilie

So this is what the fashion world thinks men should be wearing in 2017?
Would you be proud of your conduct on Amirite if your family, friends and little kids could see how you are behaving?

I try to behave well.
But I prefer this to be a separate world, and I don't think little kids should be on here.

Too much for your own good? I believe so
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@Marianne Hello, HegeMarie, welcome back - we missed you!...

Thank you, Marianne!
I have missed you too, and this whole circus hug smilie

Rhyming Words in Alphabetical Order Can you find a word which rhymes with a given word? Try and then propose your word (next letter in alphabetical order) to the following user. Make sure that there is a rhyme for the word you are passing further. And thank you for upvoting the previous user(s). Examples: 1) A: Arrival - rhyming with: Survival (or archival) 2) B: (your word for the following user) Beach - rhyming with: Teach (or peach, reach, etc.) 3) C: (next user, etc.)



Your profile pic is absolutely smashing!

A very happy and blessed Ascension Day to all!

Blessed Ascension Day to you too!

No, I thought I was, but it was only my imagination.
I am an imaginary hypochondriactongue smilie

Happy Birthday, Lil Princess!
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Can Money Buy You Happiness?