Will you start to hate a person if the person has a different opinion than yours on a question?

Haha, no.
I like variety, and I like a lot of people on here that I disagree with on most subjects.

And I learn a lot from them.

People who hate people for having other opinions should stay off opinion sites.

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I like this site, because of all the nice people here.
Maneuvering it without offending anyone has become a lot like slalom skiing but let's all be sporty and keep zig zagging forwardhehe smilie
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Let's everyone wish our good friend Tiffanee a Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday sweet friend, hope you have a great day!

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...damned baker got the name wrong.

If we were all made to wear a warning label, what would yours read?

May contain traces of nuts
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Greetings from Norway as well!
Happy Independence Day, everyone!

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Name one thing that money can't buy.

But only attentionpty smiliexp smilie

If someone logs in and out through different accounts to steal all my hard earned cumputer generated karma, then they have earned it, and I couldn't care less.
But as a principle I don't think anyone should be able to do anything other than reading unless they're logged in.
I have handed out three or four downvotes in here, but none of them anonymously.

NEVER cover your FACE with tattoos. There's nothing wrong with tats but on your face? You're purposely destroying your own life if you cover it in such a way. You might as well go to a job interview with the slogan "Hire me! I'm an asshole!

That moment when you realise you will never get work as a receptionist

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Is there someone on Amirite whose comments and replies you look for first...?
When you have a choice, which do you take...the stairs, the elevator or escalator?

As much as I love my cat; I hope I outlive him with many, many years.