There is someone you've been missing online... Where is Caitlyn??

Perhaps you should listen to them.
To eat less red meat is not the same as to go vegan.
We eat far too much meat compared to any generation before us.
It's not good for your health, for animal welfare or for the planet we live on.

It is only a matter of time before Teletext kills the Internet, amirite?
@Marianne Thank you, HegeMarie - it was a busy time too, here. We are, of course, celebrating Ascension Day officially. We...

That is good to hear. All in all, our May have been warm and sunny too, only a few days of rain.
Today we have 19 degrees!
Gonna bring a good book and go out and enjoy this h smilie

Whether or not Ascension Day is going to be a workday or not have been under discussion in Norway. That is why I asked. I know that it isn't in many countries. Wasn't sure about Switzerlandbiggrin smilie

Who's your favorite cartoon character?

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Noone, but Donald Duck!

It is only a matter of time before Teletext kills the Internet, amirite?
@Marianne Hello, HegeMarie - how are you doing? I missed your sunny presence.

Hello, Marianne!
Doing fine, how have you been?
This is the busiest time of year, but this day is off because of Ascension. Do you have that in Switzerland?
It seems they don't in the US, at least not in all states.

I missed you too, and I miss the sun's sunny present as well. We have fog and rain right nowwink smilie

Can Money Buy You Happiness?
@Budwick Wow! THAT is true wisdom!

Agreed. Among all the poems they forced us to read at school; this one stuck

Ah, this was sad news yesterday.
Huge fan. The first Bond movies I watched was The Spy who Loved Me and Live and Let Die.
There was something unique about his approach, and always funny.
Also loved him as The Saint

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Can Money Buy You Happiness?
Name one thing that money can't buy.

I THINK it was a plastic lid, but who knows?


Wonder if it has been watching kids having fun with sleds, and wanted to try itbiggrin smilie

Those birds are clever


Haha, good one
hehe smilie

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