Not saying it's good or bad, but it's the best I've found since you know what randomly closed...

But I'll say amirite does seem to have a pretty good group of users (for the most part), though there is a lot I don't see, so maybe I'm just missing it, but people have been pretty great outside of politics talk (and no matter where you go, there is almost always BS in the politic talk).

The website is set up nicely (other than PM not being P until you switch them to be) and the users are pretty dang awesome.


There is a site called Amirite
a place in which the users write,
chatting with folks or with a "sprite" -
the subjects may seem great or trite,
and meeting friends more than a rite -
but all can help to make it "brite".

smile smilie

I agree. There are people who will complain about everything. Lets all just enjoy.

I really enjoy this site! Thanks for the post. clap smilie's always that time....

And it is also about time to say thank you to all the friends who are making efforts, who are caring, spreading smiles and bringing life to Amirite.

smile smilie

It is a good post tiffanee.
You and this crew have kept me sane
All winter.
I have nothing bad to say as it has lifted me.
I havent been as active lately, got a lot going on.
But it is good to know that y'all are here. It is a great escape.

Yay, a good post has returned....thank you Ser, you're the best!

It's the only place where I can be COMPLETELY open about who I am. I need that. There's only good for me to say.

Good post Tiff. I like this site, but I don't like people who come on here, and right away they start tearing it apart. And those that start bitching about the moderation right away how would they even know about what's going on when they've only been here a few days.

I appreciate what the mods are doing, especially Ser, she's fair and on the ball. but I can see why people would whine when they get caught breaking the rules.

I have met some very nice people on this site, people with good values, who are friendly and respectful, I hope it stays around for a very long time.


Great post Tiff! I am enjoying this site and our friendship very much! 😊
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lol lol You nailed it, hon!