About me.

A hot relaxing shower is my stress reliever.
I double dip.
I eat my broccoli with cheese on top.
I sing and dance in my room all the time.
I am very much attracted to southern boys.
My whole family consists of nerds.
Twilight movies sucked..books were better until EVERYONE had to love it.
Had to go to the midnight release of Skyrim... for my mom, not me..lol.
Strawberryblondes do it best because we are a rare breed.
I am a middle child and i believe in middle-childism..lol.
I read practically all the time.
I am a big hopeless romantic and a firm believer in happily ever after.
I am scatter-brained.
I like colors.. but I like black and white more, except for yellow of course.
I'm not an open book... even though this is getting to be a long random list, lol.
Mayonnaise is yucky.
Mt. Olive makes the best dill pickles, hands down.
I have an inner fat kid and I keep her well fed.
I love the word "lollipop".
I can burp my abc's and am quite proud of it, don't hate. lol.
Rude people get on my nerves.
I am a nice person the majority of the time, but when I am mad..watch out.
I have amazing best friends and family.

By the way..llpof200514 is my bestie :)) ..she's way cooler on here than I am..but she still claims me..gotta love that :)