Shoe size is the same as dick size to a foot fetishist. amirite?

No, what we want is a clean, nice smelling, soft foot. We want that foot to be perfect like it belongs on an angel.

People laugh about how cats love boxes, but if there was suddenly a box bigger than you in your living room, you'd probably go in it too. amirite?

If there was "suddenly a box bigger than me" in my living room, I sure as hell would not be going into it. I would be asking myself where the box came from. I would be asking myself if I'm at the beginning of a horror movie. I might even call the local priest to come bring the holy water over.

You don't know how your body functions but your brain does, even though you are your brain. amirite?

Mind-body problem GO! Pls define knowledge while youre at it. (25 marks)

We have no historic recordings of old music, but we have the transcriptions. In the future there will be recordings, but no transcriptions. amirite?

Will that make the 4.8GB of scanned sheet music on my iPad obsolete?

No one takes pictures at a funeral, amirite?

I was looking in my photo album I found when I cleared my stuff from my childhood home, I have picture of a casket being lowered into the ground. Not sure if it was my great grandmother or my friends funeral though. My mom has pictures from the gathering after the my great grandmothers funeral. Maybe my family is just weird?

I was either 8 or 12 when I took the picture of the casket. I will hide behind the "kids do weird things" defense.

Older people might take longer to answer, not because of brain deterioration, but because they have more things to consider because of life experience. amirite?

Fluid vs Crystalline intelligence.
You're brain matures into it's "final form" from 25-27. Meaning your response patterns are pretty set in stone. However, you'll fine information and memory stored in your long term can be reached faster.

Bodies weird.

Indoor plumbing is a house's blood. amirite?

And the gas installation is everyone's internal hatred for jews

Most people really don't miss their ex, they miss having consistent sex with someone that knows how to please them. amirite?

A lot of exes didn't have consistent sex or know how to please their partner. Definitely feel like this is too specific to be remotely true. Sometimes that's the case, but often it's not.

Blind people living alone must have drastically lower electric bills, amirite?
For all the millions of years of evolution to the human species, dogs and cats have a way better bum-hole for pooping without need for wiping. amirite?

My dog regularly had dry food with a mix of wet food twice a day. His poops were nice nuggets easy to pickup with the poop bag when we went walkies.

But if he ate pizza or got into a sandwich or had something outside of his normal diet, it'd usually end in a splatty mess.

My diet consists of random things, usually unhealthy and low fibre. Because I don't take care of myself.

But those weeks where I do a good job and eat well, I have clean snaps.

It takes one wipe to know you didn't need one, but two wipes to know you needed one.

People consider rolling dice to be random only because they lack the skill and intelligence to consistently roll what they want, not because it is inherently chaotic. amirite?

It is random if you just pick them up and roll them. If you look at them and purposely attempt to get a certain result, it's no longer random.

Nothing is random if you do something to control the results.

In chess, the king never actually dies, amirite?
Because of listening to music out of earbuds and headphones on our phones, we do not know what songs the people we live with like to play on repeat. amirite?
We always talk about dick size, but never width or height. amirite?
@Manualham It's same as boobs, guy sweat their brains when girls says "double D" but they don't care to ask for the number...

Exactly, that's why I always ask for the IP adress first! I can figure out everything else on my own!

We always talk about dick size, but never width or height. amirite?