About me.

I'm Anna. I'm 17 and a senior in high school this year. I don't need anymore b.s so don't give me yours. I am a friendly person once you talk to me to my face, you talk behind my back, it won't be pretty. My friends happen to be the best in the entire world, just sayin' :) You screw with them, you've got me after you.

  • I love Jesus

  • I love my family and friends, and i would die to save them.

  • I also absolutely LOVEEE music, it's my life! :)

  • I have the most amazing boyfriend ever :) He's mine and no one and nothing can take him away from me!

  • Need new music or just love music in general? I can recommend some pretty legit bands :) Here's what i listen to: 3 doors down, The Ready Set, NeverShoutNever, Lifehouse, Counting Crows, Skillet, Boys Like Girls, Eminem, The Beatles, Bruno Mars, Jay Sean, Jason Derulo, Usher, Nicki Minaj, Auburn, Plain White T's, Daughtry, The Fray, Iyaz....too many more to name :)