@Thinkerbell Sorry, "Katie," your little act doesn't wash. NOBODY could be as naive as you pretend to be.  

I get so much second hand embarassment for you when you put my name in quotes and add a giggling gif like you know some secret XD Like I half want to laugh at how hopelessly clueless you are, and half want to cringe 'cause if you saw me right now, sitting at my desk, giggling and writing this instead of doing that Earth Science Ellipse lab that I'm supposed to be doing right now, you'd probably curse at how foolish your comments have seemed 😂

Age of consent is created to only allow kids to have sex with kids and adults to have sex with adults, amirite?

Kids should not be having sex. :)

QUIZ #3  
A lefty incessantly posts spam because:
a. Like in many lefty cities (where there is little enforcement of laws against rioting and looting, as long as these are done by lefties), there is little enforcement of rules here against spamming.
b. He is a narcissist.
c. He is an alcoholic.
d. He is deranged.
e. All of the above.
@Thinkerbell Sorry, "Katie," your little pretense doesn't wash... any more than Lalalalalalala's does.   And I've wasted...

What pretense? I'm getting tired of this. Look, whether you believe me or not, my name is Katie and I'm just taking a break from my math homework to find that my comment which just wanted you to stop posting about some drunk lefty spammer that I can't find has spiraled into some mess where you, someone I used to upvote the posts of (except the annoying ones about the phantom leftist spam), are just being a jerk to me. I think I'm going to go back to my trig functions, thank you very much. Bye bye.

"I'm not going to go to college, so I don't need good grades." ...If you ignore your high school education because you aren't going to get a college education, you're going to go into the world with only a middle school education, and that, my friend, is a scary thought. Amirite?
Harry Potter nerds > Star Wars nerds, amirite?
@Thinkerbell " I like shower thoughts." Figures... that's why your "thoughts" are all wet.    "The spam is still...

No, look at my account. I post stuff like, "Why do people say "tuna fish" when they don't say "beef mammal" or "chicken bird"?" Just funny stuff like that.

The face value is what spam IS, no matter the intents of the poster. The intents are where to actual stuff to look at or see with a wider view, but spam is spam... it's not rocket science. And if you think I have a weak mind, check out my 4.25 GPA and tell that to my school lol

Ah, no, I'm fairly new to the site. Welp, the emojis look disgusting and I won't be using them lol

Technically sign language is the first language. amirite?
@Crazymotherfuker K. What is technically the first language?

Sumerian is the first written language. However, since people could have used sounds to communicate before we could even consider it a language, there's no way to measure what the first REAL language is.

Its incorrect to correct someone's grammer...because of slang and accents , you are in no place to tell somebody how to express themselves....you see ,the words of the english laguage are to be used HOWEVER you feel ... Grammer only exsists in a forth grade classroom ...in the real world there are no rules to speech or word crafting, amirite?
@Toounknown Maybe the english language cofuses you, and when i say YOU ... I mean you all, those who are not ME

"Maybe the english language cofuses you, and when i say YOU ... I mean you all, those who are not ME" ~The person who is not currently using English sentence structure or grammar

Suuuuure. I'M the one who doesn't understand English.

@Thinkerbell "Why do people say "tuna fish" when they don't say "beef mammal" or "chicken bird"?"   Maybe way back when the...

I wasn't actually asking a question, it's a joke meant to be looked at for a second and maybe someone will laugh a little. You're diving way too deep into it.

At face value, that is a satire, as it doesn't look like the actual joker, whereas the spam doesn't look like left spam at all...

4.25 out of 4.0, actually. The extra .25 comes from being an honors student, as well as in AP classes. 8.0 GPA skill isn't even a thing, so I could actually call you weak minded here, lol. 4.0 scale, 5.0 scale, and average of 100 are all real GPA scales...

Well I like my emojis so I'm going to use my emojis, lol. 😁

I respect if you're another religion besides mine (Christian), like Muslim or Hindu. I respect if you're atheist. I don't respect if you're anti-theist. Look, if I'm going to respect your religious views, you've gotta return the favor and at least respect mine. Amirite?
I don't like it how most people generalize christians as a bunch of gay hating, conservative, in your face, religious nut bags. There can be christians who are tolerant and respecting of people, but those people get overshadowed by the stereotypical 'christian'. If you're not going to believe that all black people like fried chicken, or all asians are smart, then do not believe this too, amirite?

Exactly I'm Christian and generally conservative and everyone's like "Oh so yOuRe InToLeRaNt" like noooo........

Because there are so many mentally handicapped people working...if u cant find a job , your just a lazy ass, amirite?
@Toounknown Sounds like the father is lazy... I feel bad for kids...thats why most governments have helped these single...

Oh yeah the father's a jerk. But the mom isn't! And your post doesn't say "in certain cases" it jsut says if you can't find a job you're lazy. But was that mother lazy? No, just in an unfortunate situation. That couple without kids you're talking about is a specific situation that your post does not say.

There isn't any fruit that a human cannot lift, amirite?
@Thinkerbell But there is.     https://edition.cnn.com/2019/10...rnd/index.html

That's only one pumpkin though, in general we can lift pumpkins. Like, if we want a pumpkin, we can lift one.

Parents: Teens don't want you to take their phones away, but that isn't because their too attatched to see it go. They resist because we really want to have control over it, and it's healthy for us to want that control over the things that belong to us, because we're getting more independent. So just. Find a better method. Amirite?
@Toounknown Learn to put it down yourself , so they wont want to...maybe leave it in your room at dinner

Assuming I use it at dinner, are we? 😂 (I don't, by the way.) I'm not talking about when someone is using the phone too much, I'm talking about using it as a general punishment for literally anything.

The whole anti - anti movement is frustrating... You people think that i dont want a vaccine because i deny that the vurus is real or something like that...but your just putting words into my mouth...i simply dont want to take one because as a human in america i have rights...and you cant force that chemical into my arm...simple as that...i dont want one and you cant force me...no conspiracy, no denial, i just dont want it... So respect my wishes...you must have my consent, amirite?
@Toounknown Im allowed to be selfish when it concerns my body... You dont understand herd immunity.... The vaccine is a choice...

I think that people should have control over their bodies. I don't think we should be able to force you to take the vaccine, but I think it's important that you don't just deny the vaccine for the sake of making a point about control. Not allowing us to have enough people vaccinated just as a power play testing your rights will never let us move past this pandemic! Just get over yourself and get the vaccine. Fun fact: COVID is much more likely to hurt you than a vaccine is. This is why people need their education, smh.