Progressivism is a cancer on the country, amirite?

Progressivism has gone waaay too far. In the past it's been fine, but today it is not.

Please stop posting the same freaking thing over and over again. Thank you.

the spammer could be the owner of the site, amirite?

Well they definitely promote hate and lies at least

Pedophiles are getting very creative, I don't know if it's more ridiculous or creepy.

BuT tHeY wErE bOrN wItH tHaT aTtRaCtIoN

who are you to take away their rights?

(P.S. That was sarcastic)

You may not support the LGBT community, but a gay man's funeral is not the place to express your hatred, amirite?

For sure! I may personally believe in marriage between a man and a woman, but being disrespectful and hateful at a gay man's freaking funeral is just wrong. Like for heaven's sake. They were still a human being and they died and you're disrespecting them. Even though like I said, I believe in traditional marriage, it's not like they're actually doing anything against my religion by simply being gay, and as a Christian I must respect that a human God created has passed to the next world.

Has somebody actually done something at a gay man's funeral?! Is this rhetorical or...? Someone enlighten me?

The LGBT community needs more rights. They are human too, amirite?

What do you mean by "more rights?" In the past yes, they did not have as many rights, but they do now. Gay marriage is legal and everything, and let's face it, while there were absolutely always be bullying in schools for various reasons and all we can do is fight that and tell kids they are wrong to hate people, lgbt people have their rights. This is no longer a civil rights issue, it's an acceptance issue. And most people today are promoting that they are human too and shouldn't be hated anyway. So no, they don't need more rights, because they have the same amount of rights as anybody.

Even though the 'It Gets Better' Project is wonderful, it seems strange that it only applies to LGBT. I mean, straight teens also get bullied and take their life, amirite?
Even though the 'It Gets Better' Project is wonderful, it seems strange that it only applies to LGBT. I mean, straight teens also get bullied and take their life, amirite?
@meemer147 Exactly what PurpleZebra said. If a teen is bullied for some other reason, there are plenty of projects and...

But why does sexuality have to be a main focus? It's not the only cause. All projects and resources should be open to all people. Nobody should refuse to help people in the LGBT community, but not the other way around either.

Even though the 'It Gets Better' Project is wonderful, it seems strange that it only applies to LGBT. I mean, straight teens also get bullied and take their life, amirite?
@I don't mean to sounds cynical, but have they made such a big thing about it because its fashionable at the moment...

Definitely... I'm sure there's a lot of people who are LGBT and it is great that they're being accepted but I think there's also a number of people who will find they really aren't. Which is fine! They're just exploring themselves to find whatever the truth is. But yeah. Fashionable is the word.

Someone is going to get mad that "LGBT" is in the "Lifestyle" category, amirite?

I'm pretty sure that their "lifestyle" category is for all things that affect you in life. Birthdays and family are included there too. LGBT is a lifestyle according to that definition.

If we were all good looking we'd all be having more sex, amirite?

Sex is intimate and belongs between two people who are spending the rest of their life together without exception, it's not just something people should just flippantly go around doing.

Should it be LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender) or LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender, Queer/Questioning)

LGBTQIA+ (There are so many!)

You remember back when rainbows were associated more closely with leprechauns and gold than LGBT, amirite?

sighs And those golden ages I never got to see where people remembered God's promise to never flood the entire Earth the way he did to Noah. That's why we have rainbows, guys.

The LGBT community shouldn't exist. Hitler was a good person and he was right to execute the gays, amirite?

This is sarcastic, right? You want people to vote no on this, right?

The Transgender Movement Is A Fairy Tale Destroying Our Children’s Lives Every few weeks, the transgender movement parades another person in front of the cameras for their cause. A few weeks ago, Bradley “Chelsea” Manning had his 15 minutes of fame when pardoned by Obama. Before that, 9-year-old “Joe” succeeded in reversing the Boy Scouts’100-year-old gender qualification. Last weekend, we met “Mack” Beggs. The LGBT community demands we accept people, especially children, not for who they are, but who they believe they are. We are told to ignore science and transform every part of society to cater to a few people. Yet, is this really good for the children? Are we really helping them, or selling them a fairy tale?
@Carla You know nothing. I was born a lesbian. Knew it from the time i was very, very young. I had a very good childhood...

They're talking about transgender, not being gay. Their statistics and information is entirely correct. They're not being hateful anymore than it is hateful to say somebody is mentally ill.