Ugly people don't deserve to live, amirite?

This would be really ironic if the OP was ugly...

Even though they melt your brain a little, paradoxes are superior to all other literary devices, amirite?
It's kinda disappointing when you're eating and you save the best for last, but you get full before eating it... amirite?

This always happens to me... -.-"


Some guys deserve a hand job....from Edward Scissorhands, amirite?

Some girls getting fingered by him works too.


Food is always better if it is crunchy, amirite?

... crunchy soup? O.o


It's ironic how none of the judges on America's Got Talent were born in America, amirite?

My mom says that America's got the talent, but not necessarily the best judgement xP


Make one wrong move with 5 gum, and it turns into a puddle of shit in your mouth, amirite?

... I think you meant Juicy Fruit.

You had doubts about Dumbledore when reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. amirite?
@TrikSterling I didn't like it either...:( having doubts about Dumbledore that is...

I agree. I had my doubts, but it wasn't like I enjoyed having them.



You still have a lot of unanswered questions about Harry Potter, like who took Voldemort's body after he killed James and Lily, where do Hogwarts teachers sleep and shower or why no staff member seems to be married, amirite?
@gay_boi Ok I think nevil acctually marries luna, harry didn't actuall see his parents killed, his dad died downstares and...

... Neville marries Hannah Abbot actually.

Though, I would not mind AT ALL if he got with Luna xP


Who laughs the last, thinks the slowest, amirite?

This is true. I have a friend who isn't the brightest bulb in the tulip patch, and she totally did not get this joke until about 10 minutes after when my friends and I were getting over it xD


You wonder if writers read the fanfiction based on their works (Like J.K. Rowling browsing through HP fanfiction). Though,considering the level of awfulness of most pieces, the authors would probably attempt to avoid that form torture at all cost, amirite?

I think "HOLY CRAP GUYS, ABORT MISSION! ABORT MISSION!" whenever the possibility of authors/writers/producers reading fanfiction comes up because they could find all the smut writers have created.

And that's disturbing O.o


When someone says "inanimate object" the first thing you think of is a toaster, amirite?

I think of the ball from Toy Story...



It would be hilarious if you went into a public restaurant and filled an empty jar of mayo with vanilla pudding and an old windex bottle with gatorade. Then, enjoy your fab lunch infront of everyone. amirite?

Hello new prank I'm going to try out very soon...

It would just be amazing if you could just transfer thoughts from your mind to another person's when you don't know how to properly put them into words, amirite?

This would also work with a computer.

Eg: You think of an epic thought and you want to post it on amirite, but you have no fffing idea on how to even put it into words.


It's a bad I dea to post pictures of yourself online - there's probably some hobo in Florida masturbating and screaming out your username right now, amirite?

... I don't understand why this is under "Food"....