About me.

Oh HAI! I found amirite through Polyvore then MLIA :O. I like old music (60's thru 80's) I hate the song Come on, Eileen >.< But i LOVE the songs Cars(Gary Numan) Too Shy(Kajagoogoo) and 99 Luft Balloons(Nena). My computer is a TOTAL ass and doesn't let me reply to wall messages or write on someones wall so if you have a suggestion to get around said problem, just speak up. I like to draw and hopefully I'll be getting some of my work on the computer soon so you can see _. I add almost every one who adds me as a friend,b/c im awesome. My friend in art class says I'm a hipster, so if I am, i can't even say what I just said. My favorite store is Target and I hate Wal-Mart. ALOT. I luuuurve Destrey Moore, 80's classic movies (Bfast Club, 16 Candles, Weird Science, Back to the Future, etc...)Demetri Martin, Tosh.0, and AT!!! If you know any really good emoticon type dealies, post upon my wall, I like creativitylolwut smilie for ex. My favourite colour is light aqua blue, and its the colour of my bathroom. I have a huge, blown out of proportions crush on my neighbor, and his accent. I find things in miniature to be freakin adorable.....wow i ramble alot. So yeah...bubye!!!