It's strange how girls have to cover their chest in the pool and boys dont, amirite?
@True, it is sexist, but what can you do? In modern day society it would be frowned upon to not cover up what people...

It's not sexist; men and women have different anatomies, so it makes sense that different things will need to be covered for the sake of decency. Sexism would be if it were an issue that men and women were exactly the same in, but women were banned from it in one way or another. This is not the case.

You've talked a friend out of suicide before, amirite?

You'll get a better response at SixBillionSecrets

It's annoying when attractive people are aware of how attractive they are, amirite?

Not always. It's only annoying when they're aware and they flaunt it. Attractive people shouldn't have to constantly act like they are unaware of the fact that they are attractive...

Girls: life sucks when you like a guy and he ends up liking your best friend, amirite?

Nah, life sucks when your best friend committs suicide, your family abuses you, and then you find out that you have cancer. THAT'S when life sucks.

Christians: You do not want to be even vaguely associated with Westboro Baptist Church, amirite?
Girls legally being able to be in public with their shirts off would be a win for both genders. I mean chicks can walk around with no top on, and guys are free to look, amirite?
@Ram27 Couldn't they just do it a few days a year, then? Actually, that would be best.

What for? So desperate guys don't have to work as hard? Personally, I wouldn't throw away my dignity so that some desperate dude can get off a few days a year, or anytime actually.

It's weird if you get a compliment from someone. If you shrug it off, then they call you modest. If you accept the compliment, then you're conceited. You lose both ways, amirite?

Since when does accepting a compliment make you conceited? And being modest is not bad, unless you are the kind of person that absolutely refuses to accept any and all compliments.

The Holocaust was awful, and it brings you to tears to think about how many Jews are still out there to be killed, amirite?

Hey! No more Holocaust jokes! My grandfather died in the Holocaust! >:[
He fell off the watchtower

What's the only STD a blonde virgin can get? Trick question, there are no blonde virgins, amirite?

Haha, I only looked at the comments because I knew there would be a bunch of people getting all offended at the joke.

Seriously if you're a really religious person you shouldn't be on the internet. amirite?

Being religious has nothing to do with whether or not one should be on the internet. How about people who get extremely offended at racist or sexist jokes? People who don't understand sarcasm? Like a few others said, it's the easily offended that don't belong on the internet; don't single out religious people.

You have to laugh at these kids who drink "coffee" in an attempt to look mature, amirite?

I have friends who brag about how they have 'been drinking coffee since they were 3' and it's like, who gives a shit? It's a hot beverage, get over yourself.

Everyone knows I obviously deserved to be manager way more than that yellow boob, amirite?

Did anybody else think OP was saying something about a female asian before they saw the username?

Statistically speaking, there are more super hot white girls than there are black girls. amirite?
@UmmmmUmUmUmUmmmmmmm By stating in any way that one race is superior to another, or showing favortism or giving special treatment...

Liking the appearances of one particular race over the appearances of another is NOT racism, unless you start hating on black girls simply because you don't think many of them are hot.
It's called physical preference.

There is no such thing as an 'American accent'. Compare a New Yorker with a Californian and you get two completely different dialects. Or a Chicagoan and someone from New Orleans. When someone from a different country says, 'You have an American accent.' it simply reeks of ignorance, amirite?

When you're speaking someone else's language and you make it sound bad, and you are from America, they say you have an American accent because you are bringing your own speech style into their language.
Any type of American accent will do.

I think i'm going to freak out the people who update their status with every move they make. Girl: just at starbucks. Me: entering starbucks. Girl: at university now. Me: at some random university. Girl : on the toilet. Me: Watching someone pee. I think she might get the hint, amirite?

Obvious party poopers are obvious. No one cares if the post is ""plagiarized"", so shut up and stop ruining a good post.