It's really irritating when people refer to you as/assume you are "spoiled" just because you were born into a middle class family who bought you your bedroom furniture and buys you your food, amirite?
If you make an angry post about Casey Anthony..just refer to her by her last name..that'll really freak him out, amirite?
@Ram27 Look at the main page of Yahoo.

Oh my gosh! What's gonna happen to amirite!? Oh wait...that's a girl in the picture..OH MY GOSH ANTHONY IS A GIRL!

It annoys you when people say that weed is ok because it's all natural and found in nature. I'm not arguing the pros or cons of weed because I don't really care but arsenic is completely natural in nature too. amirite?

The second you stop eating processed and packaged foods, I'll listen to your argument.

You believe in both macro and micro evolution, amirite?
@YeahIAm I'm not calling you a dumbass for your belief in God, although your argument that something cannot be created from...

I'm actually in the process of learning more about it in my college Biology class. My teacher is an evolutionist and he's probably the coolest teacher I've ever had. I know there is overwhelming support for evolution. But at the same time, there is overwhelming support for an intelligent creator.

Supernatural is the key word. I have absolutely no idea how God came into existence. But it's more likely that something supernatural was and is, than to believe that the extreme complexity that is our biosphere started from a speck floating out in a universe that came from..where? lol

I don't disregard evolution at all. I am fascinated by it, and am enjoying learning more and more about it. But nothing can make me believe that I came to be because of some nothingness exploding 4.5 billion years ago. The likeliness of a little particle forming to create a perfect environment for us to survive and thrive on our little planet is utterly unbelievable.

Btw, hat WERE you calling me a dumbass for then? lol

Sometimes you wonder whether Mickey Mouse is a Cat or a Dog, amirite?

YYA for making me LOL. thank you, my good troll.

Prison is way to luxurious. They don't need air conditioning, heat and decent meals. Hello! They are convicts, they don't deserve the good things in life. Even the millitary doesn't have it that good. Thats just messed up.amirite?

Hmm, so we should basically torture people in prison?
So people who go to prison for selling/smoking marijuana, something that's WAY less harmless than most prescription drugs? People who go to prison who were falsely convicted? People who go to prison for laundering money or pirating music off the internet.

They did those things so now they should be treated as sub-human?

How about we just let the fact that they've lost however many precious years of their normal lives be their punishment.
This is America, man, not the USSR.

It's annoying when people say that rich people are rich because they worked harder. There are plenty of middle and lower class people who work just as hard, if not harder, and just aren't as fortunate, amirite?
@Jules In a family line of wealthy people, at some point there was an unwealthy person who busted ass to make a fortune...

My mom came to America with $100 in her pocket and married my dad who's family basically disowned him when he became a Christian. My parents worked their butts off to provide for us and eventually they began to thrive. My dad was able to put me, my brother and sister, all through Private school and now University and we live in a two story house in a pretty damn nice neighborhood.

Yeah, I didn't have to do anything. But I am sure proud as hell of my parents for working hard and making something for themselves and their children.

True skill comes without effort, amirite?

true charisma comes without effort.

America would have gone to shit by now if our founding fathers hadn't put The Constitution in place, amirite?
@Emaphina Well...the UK doesn't have an entrenched constitution, and we aren't doing THAT badly...

But you need to remember that half of America is obeese, so right there we already have a disadvantage. Less man power, bigger targets. That's logic.

There's nothing like a power outage to make you get off the computer and do your homework, amirite?

unless you're on your laptop.

It's annoying how the majority of girls these days feel the need to straighten their hair and do their makeup EVERY day, amirite?

It annoys you that they take the time to look nice? Lol.

I'll admit, I wear yoga pants and a pony to school most days, but props to the girls with the patience to look nice on a daily basis.

What is appealing about going to a club/rave ESPECIALLY if you're under 21? You're paying $5-$20 to be in a hot room filled with 100's of people you probably don't know, with nothing to do but get sexually assaulted by strangers and whoever you went with. I mean the one good thing I can think of is the music and the hot girls, but you can find better "house music" and hotter chicks on Google.
@SpearmintMilk I find guys at raves to be far more respectful than guys at clubs. Raves have a different vibe to clubs, people are...

I guess I just grouped them together because they have many similar attributes. I personally, have never been to a rave. Clubs are awful, though, in my opinion. And I just assumed they were quite similar.

I don't think we think enough about what food we put in our bodies. Most people know a salad is better for them than a cheeseburger is, but how much better? What we eat affects our skin, hair, hearts, minds, etc. Its not just fat or skinny. Literally every part of our bodies are affected by what we eat. Nobody is perfect in what they eat but if we tried to make more conscience decisions we could probably have a better quality and quantity of life, amirite?
@MrTie Eat what you like but in moderation. Works for me.

Exactly. Moderation is everything. Except when it comes to fruits and veggies. Then eat ALL you want :)

The remakes of the original board games (I.e. Sorry, life, monopoly) are pretty crappy, amirite?

Pokemon monopoly is fantastic.

It's awkward when someone walk up to you and says, "Hi!" and you can't remember that person's name, so then you're like, "Hi...uhhh..you.", amirite?

I'm just like "heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!"