I don't think we think enough about what food we put in our bodies. Most people know a salad is better for them than a cheeseburger is, but how much better? What we eat affects our skin, hair, hearts, minds, etc. Its not just fat or skinny. Literally every part of our bodies are affected by what we eat. Nobody is perfect in what they eat but if we tried to make more conscience decisions we could probably have a better quality and quantity of life, amirite?
@When I drink a lot of coke and coffee I start to feel shitty. I guess it's the sugar/caffeine rush then the come...

If you're addicted (yes it's addicting, literally) to caffeine, it's probably not the best idea to just go cold turkey. If you really want to quit, try cutting back a little bit at a time until you cut it out completely from your diet.
You will get headaches if you try to just stop abruptly, but if you can manage to get down to little or no caffeine in your diet, you will feel a lot better.

There's a big difference between an arranged marriage and a forced marriage, amirite?

More times than not the people in the arranged marriage don't actually want to get married. So MOST of the time, arranged marriages and "forced marriages" are one in the same.

But you're right in saying there's a difference. Just, to my knowledge, not a very big one.

It's always a strange moment when you get to over-thinking your name. Your name is always there so most times you don't give much thought to it, but then there are those moments when you "realize" it; the letters, the sound, the way that it's attached to your identity, and it just feels way too foreign to you, almost as though you're seeing something yourself through another person's eyes. Amirite?

Try having the name 'Chantel' when you're white.