About me.

My name is Hiei. I am a male fire demon born to the ice apparition, Hina, who lived in an all female race. I was literally thrown off a cliff as an infant for being a "curse child." The only materialistic possession I had of my brief stay with the ice maidens was a stone given to me by my mother. Soon thereafter, I was discovered by a band of thieves. I quickly developed strength and power and grew to the level of an A-Class demon. Killing became a hobby and I was ruthless. Unfortunately, in the heat of an intense battle, I lost my mother's parting gift. Desperate to find the stone, I contacted Shigure, a demonic surgeon. He implanted the Jagan eye on my forehead. The eye would help me find the stone. The surgery drained me of all my former strength, lowering me to a D-Class demon. After, I trained with Shigure, who also happened to be a master swordsman.
Upon leaving the surgeon, I decided to use the Jagan eye to locate the ice maiden village. I found the village in a matter of days and instead of finding my mother, found Ri, the demon that was forced to throw me off of the cliff. From her, I discovered that Hina had committed suicide due to my "death." I also discovered the existence of my twin sister, Yukina, who had left the village before I arrived. I left with this new found information.
I gave up on my search for my mother's stone in order to look after my sister. While doing so, I stopped to pay Shigure for his services and sword-sensei. As payment, I was told I was never allowed to tell Yukina of our relation. After this, I searched everywhere for my sister. This search took me to the Human World where I met Shuichi Minamino, the human form of a legendary bandit, Yoko Kurama. With Kurama and another demon, Goki, I robbed a vault in Spirit World, stealing three legendary artifacts, the Orb of Baast, the Shadow Sword, and the Forlorn Hope. Goki took the Orb, Kurama the mirror, and I the Sword.
This thievery is the reason I fisrt crossed paths with Yusuke Urameshi, Spirit Detective. Yusuke had managed to retreive the mirror and orb, and came looking for me. I was already one step ahead of him and kidnapped his girlfriend, Keiko, and tried to turn her into a demon. I managed to get Yusuke to give me the other artifacts, but he was intent on fighting me. After a few punches, it was clear we were too evenly matched, so I revealed my Jagan form. Hundereds of eyes covered my body and I could literally see everything. As I was about to kill Yusuke, Kurama stepped in the way and my sword cut him instead. Kurama then used his blood to blind my Jagan eye, weakening my powers. I still would have won the battle had yusuke not had a stroke of luck and reflected his Spirit Gun off of the forgotten Forlorn Hope. The blast hit me in the back and Yusuke won.
Unfortunately, I was to cross the Detective's path again, much too soon. Koemna, son of the ruler of Spirit World, told kurama and I that we would be pardoned from past crimes if we helped Yusuke defeat the Four Saint Beasts. Reluctantly, I agreed and had the misfortune of meeting the Detective's friend, Kuwabara. The fool barely had any knowledge of the workings of the world, and I question why Yusuke brought him at all. Anyway, Kurama and the fool defeated the first two Saint Beasts, leaving me to fight Seiryu, the ice dragon. I defeated him in a matter of minutes with seventeen sword cuts in the space of a second. Yusuke then defeated the final beast and we left Demon World.
Not long after, I discovered that Yukina had been kidnapped by a greedy human with knowledge of the Demon World, Tarukane. Yusuke and the fool were sent on a mission to bring her back. This was in attempt for me to not know of Yukina's capture. However, I found out and traveled to Tarukine's fortress. Yusuke had already defeated all of the demon guards and was barely alive. I went to Yukina and was about to kill Tarukine, but Yukina prevented me...and I knew his death was not worth her tears.