About me.

I'm not too good at this (everyone says that) My name is Uri but you say it like Ori, yes kinda like an Oreo. I'm from Boston and i have lived here since i was born. I was born on 12/18/1995. My dad is British which makes me 50% British :D I love skateboarding it is my life. I play guitar. i don't really know if im good or not because i don't really play in front of people. I am currently "ridin solo" at the moment...I enjoy a wide variety of music here is a list of most of my favorites.

Jack Johnson
Breaking Benjamin
A Day to Remember
All That Remains
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Secondhand Serenade
Mayday Parade
The Beatles
Cat Stevens
Green Day
Framing Hanley
I Set My Friends On Fire
Four Year Strong
Escape The Fate

That's just some. Currently, I do not look like I do in my picture i have a pretty short cut right now because of the summer. I do no really care for grammar or spelling very often, but i try my best to be proper and stuff so don't get all up in my face for it because i don't give a shit. i am Jewish but I don't really consider myself Jewish. my religious views are agnostic and if you don't know what it means look it up. well that's all i guess. if you read all of that than I applaud you.

Send me a message or friend me because i don't mind talking to new people :)


Please don't feel bad if I don't respond to you, i don't really use amirite anymore so if i don't respond to your message it's because either a. i'm too lazy. b. wait no actually it's prob because im too lazy and don't want to keep replying and stuff, but it's not because i don't like you :D. So ya you can still message me because i do read them and think your cool for messaging me _^

ok thanks for reading.