Everything we touch in public is probably going to be made out of copper and brass in the next few years because it self-disinfects. The near future is going to look kind of steampunk. amirite?

Awe, you're assuming anyone will do anything. How sweet.

When a teacher says : "raise your hand to talk", we're all raising our arms. amirite?
@Pokketts Yeah and the only way to raise your hand is to raise your arms.

Or you can just put your arm on the table and raise your hand.

Some people masturbate more than they brush their teeth. amirite?
@bibbitybobbitybacon I make my own toothpaste.

Did you really think this was a sentence that needed to be typed out and read?

Thank you for the gagging

There is supposedly a surplus of potatoes, yet they are very expensive. amirite?
@skyrat01 poe-tay-toes

Boil ‘em, mash ‘em, stick ‘em in a stew

if a camera lens is circle shouldn't pictures be circle not square, amirite?

Hold right there... We will get to you....

If you sprinkle salt on certain worms they will melt, amirite?

By certain worms do you mean slugs?

Most kids believe the Black Market is physically located somewhere, amirite?

Never heard that anyone believes that.

The reason many superheroes have no killing rules is so that the writers can keep reusing the same villains, amirite?

Nope, this is the result not the cause. They do it because they it's not hero like and its a medium for kids.

KIA could instantly become a reputable car company if it just changed its dumb logo, amirite?
If all landmass and watermass was reversed, you'd be able to walk over the whole globe. amirite?

Yeah but then there would be less beaches

The chances of being killed by an ant is low, but not zero, amirite?

Imagine dying to an ant and you go to the afterlife and everyone makes fun of you.

If you're poor and mentally unstable you're crazy but if you're rich and mentally unstable you're eccentric. amirite?

The difference is whether you are self-sufficient are not.

When w‌‌e f‌‌inally b‌‌eat t‌‌he p‌‌andemic w‌‌e s‌‌hould e‌‌xpect l‌‌ots o‌‌f p‌‌orn w‌‌here t‌‌he m‌‌ain c‌‌haracter i‌‌s p‌‌unished f‌‌or n‌‌ot w‌‌earing a‌‌ m‌‌ask. amirite?

1. Beat Pandemic

2. Beat Human


4. Came

Someone might be stalking you and you might not even know it. amirite?
The way you knock on a door can set a mood before a conversation begins. amirite?

Just don't knocks and don't ever close the door behind you