About me.

Favourite Stuff!

COLOUR Purple, Blue,
FOOD Poutine
COUNTRY Australia
QUIRKS Love Unicorns, Dragons "Mythical stuff",
BOOKS Harry Potter any day!
MUSIC Anything by Darren Criss faints, Jean-Baptiste Maunier (favourite french artist), Selena Gomez (depending on which songs), Maroon 5, Green Day, Plain White T's, Hedley (CANADA REPRESENT!), Damian McGuinty (rockin' the Irish accent!)
PET PEEVES Slow technology shudders, when they make the cool children's cartoon shows into those weird 3D things (e.g. Noddy, Fanklin, Babar), people who chew really loud (I don't say it but it drives me nuts), the rustling of plastic bags, when you miss a step on the stairs and you practically have a heart attack etc.
RECENT SITES Dearblankpleaseblank.com, Tasteofawesome.com, Community.Sparknotes.com, Pottermore.com (, Youtube.com (This list, in no real order, is directly from my recently accessed sites lists :D)
SHOWS Big bang Theory, Modern Family, Arrested Development, Glee, How I Met Your Mother, Outsourced, the Office, Good Luck Charlie, Fresh Prince, the Cosby Show (lots of oldies), Full House, Phineas & Ferb, Franklin, Little Bear, Babar Arthur (yep, the one with the aardvark, possibly the greatest show created ... ever. EVER!)

Yep, if I said anything else on here it would be kind of creepy so I guess I'll leave it at that :)