About me.

my names bob... or is it.. if you wanna love me you must answer a simple survey about Canada and you must get atleast 90%. And if you don't I will personally see that you are to be murdered. Speaking of murder I come from an Italian family that has mafia history, so don't get on my bad side... The only kind of music I like is the sweet melody of a Vuvuzela. I am an avid chess player. I have 3 nipples but my extra one just looks like a scar or something so you can't tell. Google me, and i guarantee you won't find anything because none of what you are reading has any relevance. I'm rude, stupid, cutthroat but don't hate on me, its all in good fun. If you have something to say, say it in the meanest way possible and whoever has the best/funniest will hereby have my respect. I wanna hear your best and wittiest, and I also need some new things to make fun of my girlfriend about, that stupid cunt. Being naked is fun which is why I do a lot of everyday activities in the nude. Such as; giving herpes to strangers via intercourse, showering, vacuuming and washing my dogs balls. But your mom already had herpes so I gave her HIV. That is all for now. If you want to know something, ask me and I might tell you, or I might piss on your pillow.