There is now a baby named "Facebook." That's just sad, amirite?
@Rawtoast it's probably Bob.

now there's a name we can all enjoy

Me: "Hey Bob, wanna go to the movies tonight with me and John?" Bob: "I totally would but I don't have a ride." Me: "Oh, I'll give you a ride." Bob: "Oh shootyou know, I don't have any money." Me: "Haha, no problem, I'll cover you." Bob: "Well actually I have homewo" Seriously, grow some balls and just say you don't want to go. amirite?


Somewhere, Lemony Snicket is sitting in his mansion, chuckling and saying, "I just mindfucked so many people..." amirite?

I can feel his dick fuckin my mind

It'd be weird if a new born boy's penis at birth was the size of a grown male's, but never grew anymore. Just think, the doctor cleans off your new born son and then says "Congratulations, he's about 8 inches! I'm sure you're proud," amirite?

That would not fit in a diaper...

Its gross if the girl in the relationship is hairier than the guy. And I'm not talking about the hair on your head. I mean chest, stomach, arms and legs. amirite?

Not saying I like it but ur just being a cunt cuz they can't help it

There are millions of innocent kids who die from cancer every year. Some people are born with perfect health but squander it to smoke a nasty little stick. Smokers are selfish, amirite?

Selfish? Do u think them quitting smoking is going to help the kids? Smokers know that they might get cancer, that's their choice, its not selfish, just stupid

I blew my rape whistle, but nobody came to rape me... Weird, amirite?
You want to break that one girl's face in who puts a smiley and a heart after each sentence in an argument because it makes her look dumb and shows she's most likely a whore. amirite?

youuu betch omgg! :( </3

You know or have met someone who goes by a name that sounds nothing like their real name, amirite?

My name is bob but I also answer to Fidel, Osama, Yiorgos, and Rob

The things that come to those that wait may be the things left by those who got there first. amirite?

This was so inspirational that I went to walmart and bought an xbox and black ops that I'm going to train for the army with it then I'm gonna go save some koalas in the war.

Some people have epic names, to the extent where you want to high five their parents, amirite?

Family with kids' names River Moon, Autumn Moon, and Piper Moon.

Meme is pronounced meem, mot mey-mey, amirite?

oh awkward... I always pronounced it as dew-pull-high-nee-sek-ma-chan-tra ........

amirite ladies? ;)

I just remember Old Hippies Are High On Acid... And on calculators its always sin cos tan so u just correspond... Idk... Who wants to drop acid with me

If a girl is really attractive, guys will put up with a LOT more of her shenanigans, amirite?

This drunk bitch has thrown up on my buddies shirt while making out twice now and he's still tryin to wheel her...