Every person has that one subject that bores everyone else, but they love to talk about nonstop. amirite?

People that talk about themselves.
They love it, while everyone else wishes they'd just shut up already.

8=====D is a super, duper, happy smiley face, amirite?

i say it's a penis.

You've had that friend that you are kind of getting sick of, but you can't REALLY not be friends with them, amirite?

Oh so how i wish i could press the YYA button many of many times!

8=====D is a super, duper, happy smiley face, amirite?
When I'm playing CoD, and I die, I get mad and yell at the game...it makes me feel better, amirite?
Mi amigo tengo artisticas, Yo soy grande, y me amigo tengo intellgente. me gusta no hacer una tareas, You had to translate this to find out what it means, amirite?
@(idiot.): I made no mistakes

Yes, actually you made many.

BP is evil but the largest oil spill in history began on January 23, 1991 when Saddam Hussein ordered the Iraqi army to open valves at the Sea Island oil terminal in Kuwait. 11 million barrels were spilled into the Persian Gulf before it was stopped by U.S. air strikes 3 days later. amirite?

Well aren't you just a little smarty pants. (:

öylesine bağımlılık am i doğru, amirite?

It means, amirite is so addicting, in turkish

You were amazed when you realized beauty is just rare spelled backwards. amirite?
what is the party called before ke$ha walks in, amirite?

The best party.

what is the party called before ke$ha walks in, amirite?
Yawning is contagious. If you see someone else yawn you most likely will yawn withing 5 minutes of seeing the other person yawn. Just hearing the word 'yawn' can make you yawn. Yawn yawn yawn. Reading the word 'yawn' can also make you yawn.Yawn..I bet that you have yawned something throughout reading this post. amirite?

I yawned while reading this, and after reading the comments because most of them have the word in them. (:

Girls: Whenever you go to wrap a towel around yourself before or after a shower, it never seems to stay up perfectly, like in the movies, amirite?

Especially like how they can go running around the house with it like that, when they are being chased by something.

Today, my calculus teacher turned on the Ellen show and danced around the room. Best teacher ever? I think so. amirite?
fealing hi and drunk is the sames, amirite?
@wizirdman46 @224448 (hmm_): o so you were hi and drunk befor and you are about 13

Yeah, i was high and drunk before and i'm 14, doesn't make that much of a difference but does it really matter?