The closest thing to dropping loot we have is when you inherit something from a dead relative. amirite?
The Kim kardashian probably has enough plastic in her throat her body can be recycled, amirite?

Ah yes, finally a celebrity who cares for the environment

Every part of the dump you took this morning was present at the Big Bang, amirite?

Nailed it

Girls can wear guys clothes and still look good, but guys can have long hair and look good. amirite?
How do we know what dinosaurs sound like when they've been extinct millions of years ago, amirite?

Some scientists can hear the past

Life is the force that changes entropy, amirite?
@Bedrockstar Entropy is time. Earth time is made up, space time is the only real measurement yadda yadda

But the thing we call life is the force that increases the entropy! Without this force nothing changes and time becomes meaningless. We don't exist without it.

Life is the force that changes entropy, amirite?
Maybe all the natural disasters happening recently is the immune system of the Earth trying to fight back against a disease. amirite?

i mean, that's a good metaphor if anything

All of us are eskimo brothers except you because we all did your mom. amirite?

Hmmmm, I bet my 85 yr old mom was soooo worth it. Lol

Even though you will one day die, the atoms that make you up will last to the end of the universe, amirite?

so that means we're atoms of other beings from the past?

A lifetime is the longest amount of time that most people care about. amirite?

Most people equate it to a seeming eternity.

In 100 years drinking will be frowned upon like smoking currently is, amirite?

bold of you to assume earth will exist in a 100 years

When men fart around each other it's funny, when a woman farts around men it's disgusting, amirite?

Fart is an act of war!

Your greatest connection to your mother is your belly button. amirite?

Except that it was literally severed at birth.