No life is not worth living. No matter what you do, things will get better. Maybe a small action you make in the future greatly effects the world, but you kill yourself first. The future is now changed permanently. If anyone out the is contemplating suicide, think about everyone you know. Do not do it because someone out there likes you, but they might not be the best at showing it, or you can't work up to talking to them. Think how everyone else's lives would change. Please do not do it. If you need a friend, go and make one. Don't just sit there moping that you have no friends because nothing comes out of that. I hope that I can change at least someone's mind. One mind changed is another beautiful life spared.

For me it makes me start to feel weird

BTW that means you can think about a sickness and start feelin the symptoms and stuff
It sucks

Anime is cool, amirite?

Ok this does not make any sense. Why the heck is this all downvoted?!

When smart people have some problem. Mine I can do it but procrastinate like no other.

Totally the same here

Telephoned the Police to tell them there was someone in my garden shed stealing. However, I was told there was no one in the area who could assist and I was left to my own devices. So I waited for some 5 or more minutes, then called the Police back, stating I was on the phone earlier as regards people stealing from my shed. I just want to say no rush now, as I have shot them all. Fifteen minutes later 6 police cars, 2 helicopters and an armed response unit arrived. To my relief they caught the burglars red handed in the act. Then one officer came to me and told me, quite angrily, thought you had shot them, I replied, thought you had no one available in the area!

Kinda long, and I have seen it befire This makes you happy. Amirite?

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^makes me happy^^

You have secrets you've never told anyone, amirite?

I have one that I have tried to forget for a looooong time (like 10-15 years ago)

In the context that Image in content

What gender are you?

Sorry i didn't get to finish that sentence. It makes me happy because it is just sitting there laughing maniacally and I could watch that gif for hours

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They are still doing it

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