It must stink to work at Starbucks. "I'll have a white cafe mocha, with half the fat whip cream, skim milk, a vanilla shot with only 1/4 the fat, soy, and... you know, scratch the whip cream." Amirite?

"Here's black coffee. Enjoy."

I wonder if Harry Potter or Ron Weasley or any of the other characters have ever had the urge to masturbate, I mean they ARE teenage boys, amirite?

... I'd rather not comment.

you hate it when your bestfriends rat turns out to be the guy that betrayed your parents, amirite?

I hate it when MY rat turns out to be the guy that betrayed my bestfriend's parents.
Even worse that I shared a bed with him.

Before you fall asleep at night, you think of a lot of things. You play scenes in your head of things you would like to happen to you, have endless 'what ifs', Practice things that you want to say, but never will, make plans for the next day, and ask yourself a lot of questions. amirite?

What if I wasn't a wizard?
What if I was an only child?
What if my pet rat wasn't some random old guy I shared a bed with?
What if I wasn't friends with Harry Potter?
What if I wasn't a ginger?

Hm... How could I say it? Oh, come on Ron, it can't be that hard. “Hermione, I like you.” “Hermione, will you go out with me?” “Please date me?” “OI! YOU! DATE ME!”

What am I going to do tomorrow? Well, I will finally tell Hermione Granger how I feel, I will beat Draco Malfoy to a pulp. I will be more popular than Harry Potter, I will be funnier than Fred and George, Yes, yes I will. Maybe I'll even figure out a spell to make my hair dark like Harry's, or even... or even blonde like Draco's, the girls seem to like that bloke's hair, no idea why...
Yes, tomorrow... tomorrow... I will be a different person.
A better person.

When you were little and play with Barbies, you had a really complicated family and relationship system between them that was probably more mature than it should've been. amirite?

"This is Barbie and her seven children (even though five of them look her age): Hermione, Barney, Spongebob, Dora, Blue, Cosmo and Wanda. She does not have a husband cause he is a good for nothing awful person and she likes being independent. Although she doesn't actually work, so she has Ken to give her money. BUT NOTHING ELSE. She in no way exchanges sex for that money. This is also her brother in-law (even though she's not married), her uncle's cousin's best friend (who is a total bitch and totally tries to steal Ken which is so mean cause then how will Barbie have money to buy cute clothes?!) and this is her dream house which she got when she killed her great aunt (she was old anyway) and this is her gay best friend Pablo."

It sucks when your mum makes you an ugly maroon sweater as a Christmas present, but she makes your best friend a really cool one that matches his eyes. Amirite?


You hate it when you begin kissing your husband and he transforms into a teenage ginger you don't know. amirite?

Try being the teenage ginger.
Bloody hell, that was awkward.